Friday, May 21, 2010

This Is Mexico ...

I got to thinking that I should post pictures of where I live. I live in Toluca, Mexico. There are approximately 2 million people living in Toluca.

So we don't live in a small primitive town or anything. But whether you live in a little town or a big city. There's some things that don't change. For example:

Chickens in the market.

Oh, and where do you suppose they were before they arrived at the market all fresh and pretty? Take a look:

In the sun and heat in the back of a truck! (Now do you understand why I don't eat chicken anymore?)

And how about this:

Pig heads in the market! (I must admit that I still like to eat at that market even though it smells awful and is full of gross looking stuff)

And you will still see these kind of things too:

The poor "burro."

Oh, and did I mention the graffiti? Graffiti is one thing that can make me VERY mad! I just can't stand it when people ruin pretty (or not) things with it.

And just how do people get way up there to do all their "art?"

Okay, and now that I've shown you some of the not so pretty things about Mexico ... how about I show you some of the pretty things (or cool anyways). Like I said, I really love the cool things you get to see as a missionary's kid.

Downtown Toluca.

I forget what this place is called. But this is in Mexico City (we only live about 20 minutes outside of Mexico City).

The golden angel (Angel of Independence?), also in Mexico City.

The sun pyramid in Teotihuacan.

Our volcano,"El Nevado De Toluca."

Mexico has several volcanoes. And here is another one that we went to see in the state of Michoacan. It had these holes in the rocks near the top that had steam coming out of them. It was really neat.

The Paricutin is a volcano that I learned about in school when I was a little kid. So when I actually saw it in real life I was excited! I mean, how many times do you actually get to visit the places you read about in books?

This is where I live. This is what I know. This is my life. It's not always sight-seeing, in fact, it's mostly boring. Most of the time I just sit around in our house and do nothing. But when I get to thinking about all of the places I've been and the things that I've seen (and all the souls that have been saved) I start to think that it just might be worth it.

This is Mexico ...

Suffering With A Virus Called ... Boredom!

Right now I am starting to count down the days until my dad gets back from preaching out! I am totally ready to go back home. I am also starting to miss my pets, and worry about them dying while I am gone. It's kind of a tradition. One of our pets usually dies while we are gone. Yes, we have a few pets! :)

This is Baxter (my dog) sleeping in the flowerpot ... he's weird!

This is Bouncer (my dad's dog) after he had surgery on his leg a few months back.

Chester (I love rodents!)

This is Tasha (my mum's bird). Everyone like this bird except me. I guess I'm just not a bird person ( I had too many bad experiences with my 2 "love" birds).

My fish (that I am secretly hoping will be dead when I get back ... I'm tired of fish).

This is J.C. Minx. I had him until about a month ago when my ferret murdered him while we were gone from Toluca on a trip (see, something dies almost every time).

We've also had a rabbit for the past 5 years! But I can't find a picture of him!
But, anyways, these pictures are just so you can see a little into my life ... my family and I spend lots of time taking care of what the people in our church call our "mini zoo." :)

This kind of post is a result of boredom!!! And I'm sure it will be times like this when I am hoping that no one will ever read my blog!
Au Revoir!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is Blogging For Me?

How do you start a blog? It's rather weird. You sit here and stare at the computer screen. And you think about your life and what could possibly be interesting enough to ... well, interest people. I was asking a friend how you are supposed to start one and he said that I should start by talking about how global warming is destroying our galaxy ... What nonsense! (Note: Dacia Loa does NOT believe in global warming! ... This is for future reference!). So I suppose I should just start by talking a little about myself.

Probably everyone that will ever read my blog will be people that already know me. But just in case that isn't true I will write a few things about myself. My name is Dacia (Day-see-uh). I am 19. I live in Toluca, Mexico (which you will know if you read the "about me" part). My parents are missionaries. I have a brother, Jacob, who still lives at home. And I have a sister who is already married and fortunate enough to be living in the United States!

Right now I am actually in Texas with my sister. I decided to stay behind while my dad goes preaching around the country! My decision was mostly based on the fact that I get extremely carsick thus making it difficult to enjoy the road trip.

So far I have had fun with my sister(even though she works almost all of the time). Last Sunday after church we went to the Lake to "get in the water." My sister has a water phobia so it's really a miracle when she actually does get in. And last Sunday was really a miracle. She wanted me to teach her how to swim! So I had fun trying to teach her the little I know about swimming. And then we just layed there floating on our backs. I smiled while I layed there staring at the sky. All I could remember were the times when we were younger and we would argue. But we could never get completely mad at each other. Because we would just start thinking about how stupid we sounded and we would start laughing our heads off. SIGH ... those were the good times!!

So how's this for a first post? Boring? I think so. :)

"C'mon, just do it!"