Friday, May 21, 2010

Suffering With A Virus Called ... Boredom!

Right now I am starting to count down the days until my dad gets back from preaching out! I am totally ready to go back home. I am also starting to miss my pets, and worry about them dying while I am gone. It's kind of a tradition. One of our pets usually dies while we are gone. Yes, we have a few pets! :)

This is Baxter (my dog) sleeping in the flowerpot ... he's weird!

This is Bouncer (my dad's dog) after he had surgery on his leg a few months back.

Chester (I love rodents!)

This is Tasha (my mum's bird). Everyone like this bird except me. I guess I'm just not a bird person ( I had too many bad experiences with my 2 "love" birds).

My fish (that I am secretly hoping will be dead when I get back ... I'm tired of fish).

This is J.C. Minx. I had him until about a month ago when my ferret murdered him while we were gone from Toluca on a trip (see, something dies almost every time).

We've also had a rabbit for the past 5 years! But I can't find a picture of him!
But, anyways, these pictures are just so you can see a little into my life ... my family and I spend lots of time taking care of what the people in our church call our "mini zoo." :)

This kind of post is a result of boredom!!! And I'm sure it will be times like this when I am hoping that no one will ever read my blog!
Au Revoir!

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Kristen said...

I loved the mini zoo! It's so quiet since I got married and moved into my own house!