Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Many Houses Is This Now?

We have been in the process of moving. Today should be our last day which will make day number five. So we have been moving for five days. It has been hard work. Even though my dad and brother think that I do not work at all. I do, I just have to remind them that, no, I am not a boy. I mean, what do you call cut fingers, torn off toenails, and a near broken finger? Okay, maybe that's called carelessness, but, really, I was working as hard as everyone else. I do wonder where we got all this junk from though. It's amazing to stand back and look at all of the stuff that we have accumulated in eight years. It always makes my jaw drop! I mean, we came here to Mexico with only the clothes on our backs and our church instruments. So my question is,"Where did it all come from?!"

Yesterday my brother and I were getting my dad's desk out of the back of the van. Jacob says,"Hey, don't hold it like that!" Me,"What? I am holding it right!" So we kept arguing over who was right until all of the sudden, CRASH! The glass top came sliding out! Thankfully it is very thick glass and I caught half of it with my foot. I was afraid to look though. We sure would've gotten into huge trouble if it had broken. So the moral of the story is:Don't be stubborn!

This morning at two something I had just gotten through putting lots of my things in their places. I plopped down on my bed. I needed to go take my contacts out but I was being too lazy. As I lay there on my bed all of the sudden my whole bed started shaking. My first thought was, EARTHQUAKE! But then I thought,"No, it's your imagination because you are too tired." But then my bed kept shaking so I figured that that had to be what it was. My hands filled with sweat and my heart started pounding. All I could think about was all of the recent earthquakes where houses have collapsed and people have died. And I am always saying,"I wonder when it will be our turn." I am forever the pessimist. But then the shaking subsided and I figured that, hey, I needed some sleep. It is a lot to type but all of that, from the first thought to the conclusion, only took maybe ten seconds. Eventually I went to bed and zonked out(all of that hard work, you know). But I actually jumped out of bed at eight this morning to go look on the msn news page to see if there had been an earthquake. And there had! See, it wasn't just my imagination!

Moving from this big house ...

... to this small house.

Well, all the rest of my pictures won't upload right now. So I will upload them some other day.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Joys Of Sunday School ...

Today was another day of Sunday School. Yes, I know, it's actually Thursday. But who would know what it is if I called it Thursday School?? Nobody. Thus, it shall remain being called Sunday School. Well, it makes sense to me! :)

Every since we got home we have been very busy(we are fixing to move to another house ... again) so I haven't had time to prepare anything for Sunday School. Therefore, Lupita, my helper, has been teaching while I play the assistant for once. I must admit that she does a really good job for not having anything to get her lessons from like I have. Oh, by the way, we teach kids ages 4-9.

Today I started out by asking them about last week's lesson to see if they had payed attention. I was not there last week so I wanted to see how well they had learned. One of my favorite little girls (shh), Dalia, said,"It was about Zacchaeus." Me,"What about Zacchaeus?" Dalia,"He climbed a tree." Me,"And why did he climb the tree?" I was standing there thinking: Oh brother, all they remember is that he climbed a tree. But the kids actually surprised me. They all joined in to tell me the story of Zacchaeus. So then I taught them the song,"Zacchaeus Was A Wee Little Man."

There was a reason why I was proud of them today. Let me explain. See, one time I spent all week trying to find realistic items so that we could do a little skit on the prodigal son. Well, I had a gate with pigs. I was all dressed up and so was Lupita. I fed the pigs their slop. And sat there moaning about my life. And then I went home to my father and fell at his knees (actually Lupita's knees!! hehe) and begged for forgiveness. Then we had an actual feast. After the whole skit I asked them what they had learned and the only answer was that the prodigal son had fed pigs. Those are the days when you just want to tear all of your hair out because you feel like they aren't learning anything. But now I suppose they might actually be learning something ... maybe.

Today Lupita did a lesson on how God is the Potter and we are the clay. And how we should let God mold us like He wants to. And she brought some "clay"(actually more like play-doh) so that the kids could make things out of it like an actual potter. It would've been great except the smell of the stuff gave me a monstrous headache, and my head is still pounding right now.

And now it's time to discuss the joys, or rather woes, of Sunday School. You know how children are. Rowdy. So, many times they behave extremely bad (And I don't know how it is in the U.S. but around here they don't teach their kids to have respect or to behave ... they be wild chilluns!). Today it was mostly in order. Only one little girl was being a troublemaker today. First, I saw her whispering something to her cousin. Her cousin narrowed her eyes and told her to "shutup"(what nice little girls). And by her cousin's reaction I guessed that it was probably not something too nice. So I kept getting after her. Finally she had just hit one too many kids so I had to send her out(at least one kid gets sent out everytime ... it's a policy we have. You don't listen. You don't get the privilege of coming to Sunday School). Oh! How I regretted it afterwards ... NOT! I honestly don't have much patience with kids. Heaven knows how I became a kid's teacher! Probably because I remember how fun Sunday School was when I was a kid and how much I learned there.

Some of the kids.

Lupis teaching!

The kids with their clay.

This is what I made out of some of the leftover "clay." Originally it was a basket but I turned it into a monkey instead!!

Lupita's hand!

The End

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toluca Zoo ...

Monday was our last day to spend with Kristen and David. So we went to the zoo. The Toluca zoo is a beautiful zoo it just lacks in the animal department! But there is a ton of scenery. And you have to do a lot of climbing which in my opinion is not very fun. By the time you leave you are just so worn out that all you want to do is sleep. It's good exercise, I guess.

Normally going to the zoo here is uneventful but Monday was actually rather interesting. At the zoo there are these extremely adorable animals called Coati's. Usually they are my favorite animal to watch. My dad will put his hand down into their cage and one of them always comes over and starts jumping up and trying to bite him! It's great! I've decided that I want one as a pet (okay, I'll never actually have one, but it's a nice wish anyways).

This time when we went to see the baboons (yes, those ugly monkeys)there was a little baby baboon that was running and jumping eveywhere. He decided to come jump up there on the side where we were standing at. He hung there staring at us. So naturally we all go forward to try to touch him. Suddenly the big male baboon leaped from where he was sitting up onto the fence. He was very protective of his little baby. Finally he left. So we get near the baby again and he starts screaming (my dad said he was just like a spoiled kid that causes nothing but trouble!) and here comes his dad. It was really neat to see. But then we decided to stop because the dad was getting very annoyed and he kept showing us his teeth. And here in Mexico they have very flimsy cages. I wouldn't doubt it if an animal could break out!

A Coati

Kris, Mum & I at the zoo.

Dad & Mum

Kris & I

The chimpanzee with the cookie in his mouth (he kept clapping at us for cookies).

A cool snake!

Picture Time!

Well, I decided that it was time to take a new picture of the people in our church. So Sunday after church we tried to get everyone to fit into a picture. What a hassle it turned out to be! We had a baby shower after church so it was all rushed. So I suppose it was a good thing that several people were missing that night!

Our church. These people are like my family!

This was supposed to be a picture of the youth but somehow several kids ended up in it too.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Being Tourists ... Again

Today my family decided to take my sister and brother-in-law to go see something instead of sitting around in the house (let me just mention that my sister has already seen everything here she just wants her husband to see it all) . Well, they decided to go to the Otomi Ceremonial Center. I have been there at least 100 times. But the amazing part is that I don't really know that much about it. I suppose I would know more if I took time to read the information signs! All I know is that it was built in 1976 to preserve the culture of the Otomi indians. And every year they have some sort of indian ceremony up there. (Strange Fact About Mexico: It is an offense to call the city people an indian around here. They see indians as less, unintelligent, dogs, etc. etc. Which is rather strange. I always thought indians were cool.)

So we got in the CRV. I offered to sit in the very back so as not to hear my brother complain the whole way there and back. I must say that it does make your backside very sore. And that is on smooth roads, but get some Mexico roads and ... we're talking PAIN! :) So off we started. It is about 25 kilometers from Toluca (I have no idea how many miles that is). My dad decided to open the window thing in the back (because our A/C went out in our car). So then we got pulled over by some cops at a road-block and they told us to close it for our security. But the awesome thing about cops around here is that they don't really enforce the law. So as soon as we got out of sight we just opened it up again.(I'm sure my dad would be appalled if he knew that I put this fact on my blog, but, hey, that's the way things are done here. There is absolutely no order, that I can see anyways.) LOL.

When we arrived at out destination I got out of the trunk and stretched. I was glad that the painful ride was over. But yet another cloud darkened my horizon as I remembered all the millions of stairs that you have to climb to go and see this ... this sight! It is just a jumble of weird looking objects. It looks like several totem poles surrounding a sun with concrete teepees to the side. But who knows what it is really supposed to be.

We began climbing. One quarter of the way up we realized that the restrooms were the other way so we had to climb back down. Thus, all our progress was lost. And anyone who knows me knows how much I despise walking, especially when it is boring scenery like, ummm, stairs. So I decided that I have seen all of it too many times that I just don't care anymore. So I decided to wait down by this little pond with ducks in it. It comes from a little stream that is dammed up. But, of course, my dad wouldn't let me wait by myself (he said something about me getting kidnapped). So we sat by the pond. But then my dad wanted to follow the stream up through the mountains. So we go and follow it up and up and up. As we were walking all of the sudden we came upon a lizard. We scared him so bad that he ran straight into the stream. He started struggling. But then I did my good deed for the day and plucked him out of the water before he drowned! Yes, yes. *Applause* Applause* ;)

I do apologize for such a long, boring post. But the sad truth is that I have no real life so I actually enjoy writing about every single mundane detail. Enjoy the pictures below!!!

Me in the trunk. What a pity, a girl sitting in the trunk when there are two young guys in the front. Yes, I like to play the victim!

David & Kristen

The Otomi Ceremonial

The small museum.

The instrument on the wall is made out of an armadillo shell (it's blury because I was trying to act like I wasn't taking a picture!)

Me by a pretty lake!

Me, Dad, & Kris

Mum & Dad


Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday To The Best Dad In The World!

Today my dad turned fifty years old. He said,"I see it like this. I am only 50% old." So every year the people in our church like to throw him a surprise party. It can be pretty funny because every year he already suspects it. And then the people try to come up with a good reason to get him to the location of the party. And he always knows so he gives them a hard time when they call him. This time they had a lady call him and tell him that she had gotten into a big fight with her husband and could he go talk to them. LOL! Dad (who already knew) said," Are you sure? You don't sound for real." He said she said,"I don't?" (Is it really okay to lie just to get someone to a party? Just wonderin' ...) Okay ...

My dad walking into his "surprise" party!

Singing all their happy birthday songs (so much longer than the english song).

The sign says: Happy Pentecost Day. Am I the only one who doesn't get this? (Aha! My sister just informed me that it is the mexican "over the hill")

The cake. It actually came out kind of pretty (I was suprised because the guy where I ordered the cake was being stubborn and didn't want to make it like I wanted it).

Dad paying off the kids ... so that they wouldn't smash his face in the cake!

Gaby and I sitting on the floor eating.

All us girls sitting there eating!

Kristen & Dalia (a little girl that love Kris to death).

Jacob & David

Juan being ... himself!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Staying In The Upper Room

My sister and brother-in-law arrived today here in Toluca! They came to surprise my daddy for his 50th birthday (which is Monday). Surprising him is a hard thing to do. My dad always suspects everything. But, anyways, I am looking forward to having a good time with my sister.

So here I am in the "upper room." It is the only room in our house that is like on a third floor with stairs that lead up to the roof. I decided to be kind and let my sister and brother-in-law stay in my room (I know, I am such a nice person). I was going to sleep on the couch. But then I thought about how if somewhere were to break out the living room windows and rob us that I would most likely be the first one they hurt (okay, I have an overactive imagination).

As I lay here on the air mattress all I can think is,"It's not that bad. I could be sleeping on the floor. Air beds aren't uncomfortable (okay, maybe not. But they can really be annoying in the middle of the night when you are suffering from insomnia. First, you decide it's time to lay on your right side. So you turn ... squeak! Then your left side again. Squeak. Right. Squeak. Left. SQUEAK! And that's when you wish that the bed were alive so that you could kill it! Okay, I'm not really that violent! Or maybe I am ... just ask me about snoring!)" But then I realize that things so much more worse could happen to me. And they happen to people everyday. Things that are so much worse than uncomfortable beds and cold showers. (I know this is slightly irrelevant but I remember a story I read one time about these kids in some country that don't have a really good zoo to go to. In this zoo they had a zebra. All the kids loved that zebra. Then the reporter discovered that it wasn't even a real zebra but that it was a donkey painted with black and white stripes. I don't know why, but that story made me cry. Yes, sometimes I can be sentimental.)

While we were gone in the U.S. one of the brothers in our church went to another state to sell his vehicle to some people who wanted it. While on his way another vehicle pulled up beside him and made him pull over. Eight men with machine guns jumped out and took his wallet and searched his vehicle. They were part of some drug gang. They ended up letting him go (which was strange because most of the time they kill people). He said that while those men were standing there pointing those guns at him that it was only a verse that kept him going," For if it had not been for the Lord on our side ..." And then they let him go and he is giving God all of the glory!
I think it is amazing how many dangers that God keeps us from. We may never know. We may think we have it bad, but we are truly blessed! To God Be The Glory!

From complaining about my air bed to praising God for His faithfulness (maybe I need to stay up here more often so I'll be more thankful for what I have)... hmmm ... I guess I am sort of like my dad when he is teaching at church and goes off on another subject. But it's hard to stay on subject when there's so many more things to write about. Lol. Bedtime for Dacia ... I hope this squeaky air mattress doesn't keep me up all night. :)

My air bed in the "upper room." :)

My sister and brother-in-law (Don't they make a cute couple?).

Acting Blonde When You're Actually Brunette ...

Okay, so I totally forgot to write about a blonde moment I had right before taking my driver's exam last week! The lady comes over and asks for my papers. Then she says,"Let's do a quick inspection of your car. Turn on your right signal." So I did. She stood there waiting for about a minute. I'm thinking,"Any day now ..." And then she looks at me and says:" You have to turn on the electrical part of your car." Me:"OHHHHH ... (inwardly,"Duh, why didn't I think of that."). Her:"Ok, now turn on your windshield wipers." So I about freaked then because I had never turned them on before and didn't know where to turn them on at. So I study the car ... and then I see where there's a picture of a windshield with a wiper looking thing. SO I turn the knob thing and water goes shooting out of the windshield wipers!!! Ahaha! I was sooo embarrassed! When she got in the car I was in the driver's seat almost about to die laughing!

SO my question is: Are blondes the only ones who have "blonde" moments? And if not, why are they called "blonde" moments? Why not call them brunette moments? Maybe they are just Dacia moments because I always do the dumbest things at the most inopportune times, but then again, who doesn't? ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back Home In Toluca

It is so good to be back home in Toluca. I remember when we first moved here I said, “This will never be my home!” I suppose I will have to take those words back. I always feel very excited when we drive through those last mountains down into the valley of Toluca, ‘La Bella” (They call our city Toluca, The Beautiful. Or Beautiful Toluca. I always have to laugh at that one. I have yet to see a “beautiful” city in Mexico!). There really is no place like home.

My time in the USA was fairly monotonous. One exciting thing happened though. I got my driver’s license! Everyone was asking if I was going to drive here in Mexico now. Haha. I was thinking, “Not with all of them maniacs on the road!” But, of course, I did not voice my thoughts. I actually have no desire to drive. I only wanted to get my driver’s license before my brother (I know, I am ridiculous.). That is why I was glad that I passed the first time because if I hadn’t … I am stubborn and I would’ve said,” Forget it!” Now it’s back to the everyday routine (hmm … I suppose I don‘t really have one).

Pardon my short post, but I am extremely tired right now and my brain cannot think ... I NEED SLEEP! :)

A cool ... I forgot what they are called. Whirlwind?

Me with my temporary license!

Me and Jacob ready for a good church service.