Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back Home In Toluca

It is so good to be back home in Toluca. I remember when we first moved here I said, “This will never be my home!” I suppose I will have to take those words back. I always feel very excited when we drive through those last mountains down into the valley of Toluca, ‘La Bella” (They call our city Toluca, The Beautiful. Or Beautiful Toluca. I always have to laugh at that one. I have yet to see a “beautiful” city in Mexico!). There really is no place like home.

My time in the USA was fairly monotonous. One exciting thing happened though. I got my driver’s license! Everyone was asking if I was going to drive here in Mexico now. Haha. I was thinking, “Not with all of them maniacs on the road!” But, of course, I did not voice my thoughts. I actually have no desire to drive. I only wanted to get my driver’s license before my brother (I know, I am ridiculous.). That is why I was glad that I passed the first time because if I hadn’t … I am stubborn and I would’ve said,” Forget it!” Now it’s back to the everyday routine (hmm … I suppose I don‘t really have one).

Pardon my short post, but I am extremely tired right now and my brain cannot think ... I NEED SLEEP! :)

A cool ... I forgot what they are called. Whirlwind?

Me with my temporary license!

Me and Jacob ready for a good church service.

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