Saturday, June 19, 2010

Being Tourists ... Again

Today my family decided to take my sister and brother-in-law to go see something instead of sitting around in the house (let me just mention that my sister has already seen everything here she just wants her husband to see it all) . Well, they decided to go to the Otomi Ceremonial Center. I have been there at least 100 times. But the amazing part is that I don't really know that much about it. I suppose I would know more if I took time to read the information signs! All I know is that it was built in 1976 to preserve the culture of the Otomi indians. And every year they have some sort of indian ceremony up there. (Strange Fact About Mexico: It is an offense to call the city people an indian around here. They see indians as less, unintelligent, dogs, etc. etc. Which is rather strange. I always thought indians were cool.)

So we got in the CRV. I offered to sit in the very back so as not to hear my brother complain the whole way there and back. I must say that it does make your backside very sore. And that is on smooth roads, but get some Mexico roads and ... we're talking PAIN! :) So off we started. It is about 25 kilometers from Toluca (I have no idea how many miles that is). My dad decided to open the window thing in the back (because our A/C went out in our car). So then we got pulled over by some cops at a road-block and they told us to close it for our security. But the awesome thing about cops around here is that they don't really enforce the law. So as soon as we got out of sight we just opened it up again.(I'm sure my dad would be appalled if he knew that I put this fact on my blog, but, hey, that's the way things are done here. There is absolutely no order, that I can see anyways.) LOL.

When we arrived at out destination I got out of the trunk and stretched. I was glad that the painful ride was over. But yet another cloud darkened my horizon as I remembered all the millions of stairs that you have to climb to go and see this ... this sight! It is just a jumble of weird looking objects. It looks like several totem poles surrounding a sun with concrete teepees to the side. But who knows what it is really supposed to be.

We began climbing. One quarter of the way up we realized that the restrooms were the other way so we had to climb back down. Thus, all our progress was lost. And anyone who knows me knows how much I despise walking, especially when it is boring scenery like, ummm, stairs. So I decided that I have seen all of it too many times that I just don't care anymore. So I decided to wait down by this little pond with ducks in it. It comes from a little stream that is dammed up. But, of course, my dad wouldn't let me wait by myself (he said something about me getting kidnapped). So we sat by the pond. But then my dad wanted to follow the stream up through the mountains. So we go and follow it up and up and up. As we were walking all of the sudden we came upon a lizard. We scared him so bad that he ran straight into the stream. He started struggling. But then I did my good deed for the day and plucked him out of the water before he drowned! Yes, yes. *Applause* Applause* ;)

I do apologize for such a long, boring post. But the sad truth is that I have no real life so I actually enjoy writing about every single mundane detail. Enjoy the pictures below!!!

Me in the trunk. What a pity, a girl sitting in the trunk when there are two young guys in the front. Yes, I like to play the victim!

David & Kristen

The Otomi Ceremonial

The small museum.

The instrument on the wall is made out of an armadillo shell (it's blury because I was trying to act like I wasn't taking a picture!)

Me by a pretty lake!

Me, Dad, & Kris

Mum & Dad


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