Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday To The Best Dad In The World!

Today my dad turned fifty years old. He said,"I see it like this. I am only 50% old." So every year the people in our church like to throw him a surprise party. It can be pretty funny because every year he already suspects it. And then the people try to come up with a good reason to get him to the location of the party. And he always knows so he gives them a hard time when they call him. This time they had a lady call him and tell him that she had gotten into a big fight with her husband and could he go talk to them. LOL! Dad (who already knew) said," Are you sure? You don't sound for real." He said she said,"I don't?" (Is it really okay to lie just to get someone to a party? Just wonderin' ...) Okay ...

My dad walking into his "surprise" party!

Singing all their happy birthday songs (so much longer than the english song).

The sign says: Happy Pentecost Day. Am I the only one who doesn't get this? (Aha! My sister just informed me that it is the mexican "over the hill")

The cake. It actually came out kind of pretty (I was suprised because the guy where I ordered the cake was being stubborn and didn't want to make it like I wanted it).

Dad paying off the kids ... so that they wouldn't smash his face in the cake!

Gaby and I sitting on the floor eating.

All us girls sitting there eating!

Kristen & Dalia (a little girl that love Kris to death).

Jacob & David

Juan being ... himself!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

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Kristen said...

nxt yr just tell them it can be a regular old bday party...not a surprise LOL