Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Joys Of Sunday School ...

Today was another day of Sunday School. Yes, I know, it's actually Thursday. But who would know what it is if I called it Thursday School?? Nobody. Thus, it shall remain being called Sunday School. Well, it makes sense to me! :)

Every since we got home we have been very busy(we are fixing to move to another house ... again) so I haven't had time to prepare anything for Sunday School. Therefore, Lupita, my helper, has been teaching while I play the assistant for once. I must admit that she does a really good job for not having anything to get her lessons from like I have. Oh, by the way, we teach kids ages 4-9.

Today I started out by asking them about last week's lesson to see if they had payed attention. I was not there last week so I wanted to see how well they had learned. One of my favorite little girls (shh), Dalia, said,"It was about Zacchaeus." Me,"What about Zacchaeus?" Dalia,"He climbed a tree." Me,"And why did he climb the tree?" I was standing there thinking: Oh brother, all they remember is that he climbed a tree. But the kids actually surprised me. They all joined in to tell me the story of Zacchaeus. So then I taught them the song,"Zacchaeus Was A Wee Little Man."

There was a reason why I was proud of them today. Let me explain. See, one time I spent all week trying to find realistic items so that we could do a little skit on the prodigal son. Well, I had a gate with pigs. I was all dressed up and so was Lupita. I fed the pigs their slop. And sat there moaning about my life. And then I went home to my father and fell at his knees (actually Lupita's knees!! hehe) and begged for forgiveness. Then we had an actual feast. After the whole skit I asked them what they had learned and the only answer was that the prodigal son had fed pigs. Those are the days when you just want to tear all of your hair out because you feel like they aren't learning anything. But now I suppose they might actually be learning something ... maybe.

Today Lupita did a lesson on how God is the Potter and we are the clay. And how we should let God mold us like He wants to. And she brought some "clay"(actually more like play-doh) so that the kids could make things out of it like an actual potter. It would've been great except the smell of the stuff gave me a monstrous headache, and my head is still pounding right now.

And now it's time to discuss the joys, or rather woes, of Sunday School. You know how children are. Rowdy. So, many times they behave extremely bad (And I don't know how it is in the U.S. but around here they don't teach their kids to have respect or to behave ... they be wild chilluns!). Today it was mostly in order. Only one little girl was being a troublemaker today. First, I saw her whispering something to her cousin. Her cousin narrowed her eyes and told her to "shutup"(what nice little girls). And by her cousin's reaction I guessed that it was probably not something too nice. So I kept getting after her. Finally she had just hit one too many kids so I had to send her out(at least one kid gets sent out everytime ... it's a policy we have. You don't listen. You don't get the privilege of coming to Sunday School). Oh! How I regretted it afterwards ... NOT! I honestly don't have much patience with kids. Heaven knows how I became a kid's teacher! Probably because I remember how fun Sunday School was when I was a kid and how much I learned there.

Some of the kids.

Lupis teaching!

The kids with their clay.

This is what I made out of some of the leftover "clay." Originally it was a basket but I turned it into a monkey instead!!

Lupita's hand!

The End

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