Saturday, June 12, 2010

Staying In The Upper Room

My sister and brother-in-law arrived today here in Toluca! They came to surprise my daddy for his 50th birthday (which is Monday). Surprising him is a hard thing to do. My dad always suspects everything. But, anyways, I am looking forward to having a good time with my sister.

So here I am in the "upper room." It is the only room in our house that is like on a third floor with stairs that lead up to the roof. I decided to be kind and let my sister and brother-in-law stay in my room (I know, I am such a nice person). I was going to sleep on the couch. But then I thought about how if somewhere were to break out the living room windows and rob us that I would most likely be the first one they hurt (okay, I have an overactive imagination).

As I lay here on the air mattress all I can think is,"It's not that bad. I could be sleeping on the floor. Air beds aren't uncomfortable (okay, maybe not. But they can really be annoying in the middle of the night when you are suffering from insomnia. First, you decide it's time to lay on your right side. So you turn ... squeak! Then your left side again. Squeak. Right. Squeak. Left. SQUEAK! And that's when you wish that the bed were alive so that you could kill it! Okay, I'm not really that violent! Or maybe I am ... just ask me about snoring!)" But then I realize that things so much more worse could happen to me. And they happen to people everyday. Things that are so much worse than uncomfortable beds and cold showers. (I know this is slightly irrelevant but I remember a story I read one time about these kids in some country that don't have a really good zoo to go to. In this zoo they had a zebra. All the kids loved that zebra. Then the reporter discovered that it wasn't even a real zebra but that it was a donkey painted with black and white stripes. I don't know why, but that story made me cry. Yes, sometimes I can be sentimental.)

While we were gone in the U.S. one of the brothers in our church went to another state to sell his vehicle to some people who wanted it. While on his way another vehicle pulled up beside him and made him pull over. Eight men with machine guns jumped out and took his wallet and searched his vehicle. They were part of some drug gang. They ended up letting him go (which was strange because most of the time they kill people). He said that while those men were standing there pointing those guns at him that it was only a verse that kept him going," For if it had not been for the Lord on our side ..." And then they let him go and he is giving God all of the glory!
I think it is amazing how many dangers that God keeps us from. We may never know. We may think we have it bad, but we are truly blessed! To God Be The Glory!

From complaining about my air bed to praising God for His faithfulness (maybe I need to stay up here more often so I'll be more thankful for what I have)... hmmm ... I guess I am sort of like my dad when he is teaching at church and goes off on another subject. But it's hard to stay on subject when there's so many more things to write about. Lol. Bedtime for Dacia ... I hope this squeaky air mattress doesn't keep me up all night. :)

My air bed in the "upper room." :)

My sister and brother-in-law (Don't they make a cute couple?).

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