Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toluca Zoo ...

Monday was our last day to spend with Kristen and David. So we went to the zoo. The Toluca zoo is a beautiful zoo it just lacks in the animal department! But there is a ton of scenery. And you have to do a lot of climbing which in my opinion is not very fun. By the time you leave you are just so worn out that all you want to do is sleep. It's good exercise, I guess.

Normally going to the zoo here is uneventful but Monday was actually rather interesting. At the zoo there are these extremely adorable animals called Coati's. Usually they are my favorite animal to watch. My dad will put his hand down into their cage and one of them always comes over and starts jumping up and trying to bite him! It's great! I've decided that I want one as a pet (okay, I'll never actually have one, but it's a nice wish anyways).

This time when we went to see the baboons (yes, those ugly monkeys)there was a little baby baboon that was running and jumping eveywhere. He decided to come jump up there on the side where we were standing at. He hung there staring at us. So naturally we all go forward to try to touch him. Suddenly the big male baboon leaped from where he was sitting up onto the fence. He was very protective of his little baby. Finally he left. So we get near the baby again and he starts screaming (my dad said he was just like a spoiled kid that causes nothing but trouble!) and here comes his dad. It was really neat to see. But then we decided to stop because the dad was getting very annoyed and he kept showing us his teeth. And here in Mexico they have very flimsy cages. I wouldn't doubt it if an animal could break out!

A Coati

Kris, Mum & I at the zoo.

Dad & Mum

Kris & I

The chimpanzee with the cookie in his mouth (he kept clapping at us for cookies).

A cool snake!

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