Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How Many Houses Is This Now?

We have been in the process of moving. Today should be our last day which will make day number five. So we have been moving for five days. It has been hard work. Even though my dad and brother think that I do not work at all. I do, I just have to remind them that, no, I am not a boy. I mean, what do you call cut fingers, torn off toenails, and a near broken finger? Okay, maybe that's called carelessness, but, really, I was working as hard as everyone else. I do wonder where we got all this junk from though. It's amazing to stand back and look at all of the stuff that we have accumulated in eight years. It always makes my jaw drop! I mean, we came here to Mexico with only the clothes on our backs and our church instruments. So my question is,"Where did it all come from?!"

Yesterday my brother and I were getting my dad's desk out of the back of the van. Jacob says,"Hey, don't hold it like that!" Me,"What? I am holding it right!" So we kept arguing over who was right until all of the sudden, CRASH! The glass top came sliding out! Thankfully it is very thick glass and I caught half of it with my foot. I was afraid to look though. We sure would've gotten into huge trouble if it had broken. So the moral of the story is:Don't be stubborn!

This morning at two something I had just gotten through putting lots of my things in their places. I plopped down on my bed. I needed to go take my contacts out but I was being too lazy. As I lay there on my bed all of the sudden my whole bed started shaking. My first thought was, EARTHQUAKE! But then I thought,"No, it's your imagination because you are too tired." But then my bed kept shaking so I figured that that had to be what it was. My hands filled with sweat and my heart started pounding. All I could think about was all of the recent earthquakes where houses have collapsed and people have died. And I am always saying,"I wonder when it will be our turn." I am forever the pessimist. But then the shaking subsided and I figured that, hey, I needed some sleep. It is a lot to type but all of that, from the first thought to the conclusion, only took maybe ten seconds. Eventually I went to bed and zonked out(all of that hard work, you know). But I actually jumped out of bed at eight this morning to go look on the msn news page to see if there had been an earthquake. And there had! See, it wasn't just my imagination!

Moving from this big house ...

... to this small house.

Well, all the rest of my pictures won't upload right now. So I will upload them some other day.

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