Sunday, July 25, 2010

Missions Trip Within A Mission

There is a new work that my dad is trying to start in the state of Veracruz. He has been going there for the past eight months. The name of the city is Oluta. We have several families in our church here in Toluca who are from there. So they began talking to their remaining families over in Oluta. And before we knew it they were wanting the Pastor to go and preach to them in Veracruz. I remember when my dad asked them what the name of the city was and they said, "Oluta." We laughed because it has the same letters as the city we live in, minus the "c."

Oluta is a very corrupt, very Catholic place. There is a nearby city, Catemaco, that is the capitol of witchcraft in Mexico. So you know that that has to bleed into the other cities nearby. The very first trip was made by my dad, mum, brother, Pastor Maddox, and Pastor Williamson (both from Texas). I did not go along, in fact, I have only been there once. But I heard plenty of stories when they got back from a three day trip.

They had a service one of the nights and Pastor Maddox preached against the Catholics and idols. They were having church under a tarp and they had taken all of the church equipment (speakers, microphone, drums, etc.etc.) so you could hear the singing and preaching all through the neighborhood. During the service one of our men from Toluca was praying and someone threw a rock at him. It hit him in the head and busted it open. My mum said that some demons must have been stirred up. Well, the next day (if I have the story straight) they put out a threat. They were supposedly planning some sort of attack on my dad. Several families from our church had gone down there also to show support and were afraid for the Pastor. So instead of having another church service at night, in the dark, they decided to have it in the day.

This past week my dad made another trip down there. He hasn't been able to go that often because of the lack of finances. But we took up an offering at church and he was able to go. So he went and they had some very good services down there. No one received the Holy Ghost (I don't remember how many people down there already have it), but four were baptized in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah!(And also they are looking at some different properties that are for sale. They want to build a church over there asap!)

Forgive me if this post is a jumble of words!

Having church under a tarp, in the rain!

Missionary Loa preaching to the people of Oluta.

Hno. Gabriel, a minister from our church who accompanied my dad to Oluta.

Hno. Juan, Hno. Graciano, two brothers who are also from our church in Toluca, and Missionary Loa.

The road to the "body of water" they were going to get baptized in.

Standing in the water ... eww!! :)

The "cow watering hole." That's what my dad said that it was.

Getting baptized!

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