Friday, July 16, 2010

There's Gonna Be A Revival ...

This past week we had a few preachers visiting us here in Toluca. We had three special services with Bro. Dansby, Bro. McCoy, Bro. Boone, and Pastor Trevino. Our mini revival was a success. We had several visitors. So many people were encouraged. I think every one's faith was increased, including mine! We are very blessed to have so many great men of God come to visit us.

Wednesday night we had an older lady receive the Holy Ghost. Fortunately I was singing that night so I got a picture of her. I was really surprised when Hermana Petra received the Holy Ghost. She is the mother of a couple of ladies in our church. She lived in the U.S. for many years but came back last year. She began attending our church. In the beginning she did not seem impressed because in the U.S. she had attended a trinitarian church. But after a while she talked to my dad and told him that she understood the truth and wanted to be baptized in the name of Jesus! She was baptized four months ago. And now we are all rejoicing that she has received the Holy Ghost!

Bro. Dansby preaching & Pastor Trevino interpreting!

Bro. McCoy.

Hna. Petra speaking in tongues! Thank You, Jesus!

The evangelist, Bro. Boone, preaching "His Church!" What an awesome message!

Praising the Lord!!

One of my Sunday School kids, Valentina, praying!

Armando, also one of my SS kids, praying too! It's encouraging to see them getting serious about God!

The preachers praying with my brother.

Pastor Trevino, Bro. McCoy, Missionary Loa (my daddy ... lol), Bro. Dansby, and Bro. Boone.

The last night some families from our church made some food for us all. So the preachers got to taste some real Mexican food.

Rigoberto serving the food.

Hna. Lucia telling me what the food was.

The food. I was informed that it was salsa made from guajillo chiles on chicken, with rice. I guess that's why I actually liked it.

Jacob & Juan

Jacob & David

I hope you have enjoyed all of the pictures!

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