Monday, July 26, 2010

The Visitor

Tonight in church we had a strange visitor. He was a clown! It was a bit distracting to some of the people. My dad said, "I see that we have several visitors tonight in church. You, I don't want to say that you look like a clown, but you do!" And, of course, we all laughed. Okay, so it gets even better. He came with some people that come to our church. So after church my dad was told that he is a brother in the Lord who moved here from another state! I said, "A brother in the Lord? Then why did he come to church painted like a clown?!" It was good for a laugh. Who knows if he will come back. After church he was giving our balloons to the kids (I think he even gave one to my dad).

The clown giving out balloons! I'm sorry that I didn't get a better picture. I didn't exactly want it to be obvious that I was taking a picture so I didn't use the flash!

Nacho & I. This is one guy that I didn't have a picture with (he seems to be camera shy or something) so I walked up to him tonight and said, "I want a picture with you!" Lol.

Me & Jacob after church, at home!

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