Friday, July 2, 2010


We had some visitors from the U.S. at church last night. Pastor & Sister White from California came to visit before going on to Puebla (That's where the Wakefields, who are also missionarys, live.). They had about thirty people with them from a few different churches, but unfortunately I only knew some of them. I was surprised to see that one of my favorite friends, Cesiah Gonzalez, from CA came.

The Brother (I don't know what his name was) that preached did a very good job. He actually preached to the youth from our church. Then he had them all go to the altar. Okay, well, I went too. I figured that I better! :) I was a wee bit disappointed because no one recieved the Holy Ghost. We have so many that need it. And several of them get so close. It's like,"Okay, what's up, people?" We definitely need a breakthrough!

Pastor White.

The youth that came along.

The Brother that preached.

Our youth praying.

More of our youth praying.

Me, Bethany Wakefield & some other girls (haha, I didn't get their names!).

More girls. :)

Me & Cesiah & Leslie.

Cesiah & I.

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Kristen said...

whoa they brought alot of youth!