Monday, August 2, 2010

Out With The Bestie!

This past weekend my best friend here in Mexico came over to stay at my house for three days! We had lots of fun! When I actually sit back and think about it, it is really weird. I never thought that one day I would live in Mexico and have my friends over here. I never thought I would speak Spanish and actually have fun! It’s really amazing!

Lupita and I decided that instead of sitting around in my room all day and playing computer games that we were actually going to do something different. So we got up at 10:30 Saturday morning to go to thw WalMart (we got up really late because we stayed up almost all night talking). We went out to catch a taxi in front of my house. We waited there forever. It’s crazy. When you aren’t looking for a taxi a million of them pass by, but when you need one they are no where to be found.

When we finally found a taxi Lupita asked him how much he would charge to take us to WalMart in Metepec. He said thirty-five pesos (a little less than three dollars and fifty cents). So we climbed in. Once we were in inside he asked us, “That store by the mall? You mean the new one?” I am sitting there thinking, “New? WalMart isn’t new.” So when we finally arrived I realized why he had asked us that. He took us to a totally different store. So Lupita, all embarrassed, decided that she wasn’t going to tell him that he had made a mistake. So we get out and have to walk all of the way to WalMart. :)

In the end it all turned out okay, except for all of the blisters on my feet (when will I ever learn to stop wearing high heels other than at church?). We bought everything that we needed to make a French meal. We got home and spent all night cooking. We were like zombies walking around because we were very tired. But we made Ratatouille, Steak, Baguettes, and Crepes. I must say that the only things that actually came out good were the Crepes. I certainly won’t be dying to go to France anytime soon. :)

To top off my good weekend we had an amazing service Sunday night at church. Thank God for blessings and good friends!

Lupis & I practicing French.

Eating ice-cream (if there's one thing we never lack in our refrigerator ... it's ice-cream)!

We were trying to look like nerds ... I'm not really sure if we were successful though!

Us in the taxi!

At WalMart!

Why did we want to make a vegetable dish? I hate vegetables! :D

Our stuff ... we even got some Dr Pepper to go with it!

Making the Baguettes! It was lots of fun!

Cutting the bell peppers (neither me or her like cooking!).

The vegetable monster from outer space! Lol!

The ratatouille ... it doesn't look that appetizing, does it?

Okay, let's get this over with!

Yeah, it was bad!

Shocking! I woke up this morning and my hair was gray!

She definitely looks better with gray hair than I do. I look just like my Grandma ... not saying that she looks bad! Haha!

Our last picture together, outside church after an awesome, Holy Ghost filled service!

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