Monday, August 9, 2010

R.I.P. Spongy

Today was a sad day. Our rabbit, Spongy, died. We had him for five years and now he has gone to meet his maker. Lol. Okay, I am hoping that animals will go to heaven. You know, so that I can see all of my old cats and hamsters and guinea pigs again someday! :)

Spongy while he was alive. *sniff* ... he was such a good rabbit (And I just remembered that I said that I would put a picture of him up one day ... too bad that I only remembered to do it after he died).

Dead ... okay, I figured most people wouldn't want to see him dead which is why I didn't get close up. But I had to take one last picture. I feel guilty for never having paid him much attention. :(

Spongy, you will be greatly missed!

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