Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best Days Of My Life ... For Now Anyways!

Yesterday I went to school with Lupita! She is going to college to be a language specialist. So she invited me to go along since I speak english. So I went to stay at her house on Monday night. We talked and then it was sleepy time. I had a hard time trying to sleep because I usually go to sleep at like four or five in the morning (it was ten)! So by the time I finally fell into a light sleep her alarm sounds and it was time to get up. Her dad drove us to her school instead of letting us take the bus (too bad because I love riding on the bus). So we got there early and the place was all dark. We went inside the only open building and sat there in the reception area. After about two minutes this man walks in and starts yelling at us. He said that we were not allowed to sit there because they weren't open yet. What a charming man. :(

We sat in her French class for two hours. And then we went to eat in the cafeteria. We bought some green enchiladas. Man, they were so good! Then she took me around to see her school. I soon saw where we were at. So I suggested that we walk to a Starbucks that was nearby (we both love Starbucks, but we don't go there that often). So off we went. But, alas, I didn't take any pictures of us drinking our mocha frappucino's.

Her english class was her second and last class. So I was introduced to the teacher. She called me Alicia during class. Haha. I think it's really funny when people can't get my name!

After her classes were done for the day we went downtown to the "portales." She took me to this clothing store where they have some cute clothes. So we walked around and ended up buying three shirts apiece (we decided to buy matching clothes! I like to match with people and no one ever wants to match with me!). Then laden down with all of the junk that we carried we walked around and passed out tracts to people. I was very nervous. My heart was pounding. But I did finally get up the nerve to walk up and invite people to church. Most of them were polite and thanked me. But there were a few people who turned me down. But, still, afterwards I felt pretty good. I had never invited anyone to church in my whole life. So at least now I can say that I have! Hehe.

All in all I had a lot of fun. I always wanted to see what a real school was like. And shopping ... it is definitely more fun to shop with a friend (something I had never done before). And passing out tracts, it made me feel like I was doing something for God. So, yep, I would say that yesterday has made my top ten favorite day list for 2010. Oh, and I also bought some little hair bows that are red, white, and green. See, I am trying to find someone who is going to the parade downtown for Independence day next week. And if I find someone to go with (I guess I need to start asking around) I am going to dress patriotic, even though I am not a mexican. Lol.

Me & Lupita downtown.

After we bought a few clothes!! Lol!

The "portales" downtown.

They're getting ready for the 15th and 16th!! Independence day!


Kristen said...

If you go to the parade you better take a ton of pics! And I will be so jealous, since we've never been. How come it seems like you have all the fun not that I'm gone?

Kristen said...

oh and by the way I love your new background. Where did you find it?

Dacia A. Loa said...

I do all of the fun stuff now because I have stepped out of my shell. Lol. I am more out-going now (but only here).

And about the layout ... I don't know where it came from. I had to look at a million before I found one that actually worked. I am totally iliterate! Lol. I wanted a blue one, but I guess pink and brown is good too.