Friday, September 24, 2010

Danger In The Shadows ... Hmm, I Sound Like Nancy Drew.

The other day on the way to church we were right around the corner from the church when we reached a police roadblock! We got stuck in a traffic jam right there. They need to start giving some warning. My dad gets out of the car and walks over and knocks on this truck's window. He started telling the guy to move his truck because we needed to go down that road! The bad thing is ... I think he was an undercover cop! See, they had all of these special cops out there.

So what happened was that there were some narco people who had kidnapped three people and were holding them hostage. But they didn't end up catching the narco guys.
As we were sitting there I was like, "Let's take a picture!" So my brother gets the camera (which I have been carrying around for such "snapshot moments" as these)and I said, "Turn off the flash. We don't want them to see us!" He told me to wait a minute and he takes a picture and *FLASH* ... I was so embarrassed. I told my brother, "So much on trying to be conspicuous!"

So the other day my dad was talking in church and he started talking about the drug people and stuff that is going on here in Mexico. After church we were all talking about he shouldn't do that because there could be those people near our church. Why take chances? Lol. And so it turns out that there are some of those people that live near our church. And from what I have heard, the colony our church is in is crawling with them.

This incident did not get published in the newspaper. See, I think the journalists around here are afraid to publish news like this. Lol. Hmm ... maybe I should take a hint and not write about it either! Hehe. But our city is not all that violent. I mean, we've had the occasional judge shot at a stoplight, but nothing too major. Lol. Man, I suppose I might scare away potential visitors with talk like this! But the way I see it is that it is no more dangerous than any city in the U.S. And if you don't mess with people they aren't going to mess with you! So, see, it's safe for anyone who ever wants to come visit. :) ... besides, we've never had anything happen to us (thank God!).

I kind of blurred their faces for them!! Hehe!

A picture I took after church of a few of the girls.

Anyways, just thought I write about something different!
Peace & Love


Holly said...

Wow! That's kinda scary! Lol

Dacia A. Loa said...

Like I said, I don't really see it as much more dangerous than the U.S. I mean, there are always a ton of maniacs over there who walk around with guns and kill random people. But, yeah, I suppose it would still be a bit scary no matter where you live. :)