Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Life ... As Dull As It Might Be.

I have been having very boring days which is why I have not written in forever! It's just been the same routine everyday. I love routine because ... well, I don't exactly know why. All I know is that after eight years of going to the U.S. every six months and getting your routine interrupted it's nice to have a routine whenever you can. :) Thus, my days are dull and mostly pointless. Sometimes I wonder how I am still sane after all these years of sitting in my room staring at the walls.

But even though I love routine sometimes I wish something exciting would happen. I mean, to be honest, it can be very depressing never having anything to do. And now that "summer" is over it appears that I do not really have any friends anymore. They all started college and have been so busy that they have no time to talk to me, much less go out. So, yep, I wake up. I eat. I do whatever. I sleep. Ok, other than church days. Lol. Then my day changes ever so slightly. So you see, I have had nothing interesting to write about. :)

All last week I was making new decorations for our new quarter in Sunday school. We went to decorate today. Hmm ... looks kind of ghetto. But I like it! Check it out!


Ok, not too far!

I was adding the final touch ... a door.

I love the hay! I'll bet it's crawling with bugs though.

"Adventures With Jesus."

Me jamming with dad and Jake afterwards! :)

Okey dokey! Maybe something fun will happen soon so that I will have something to gab about. If not, expect more posts like this! Haha! Oh, one last thing, pardon my depressing tone in this post. I try to be upbeat and optimistic, but it is dificult at times! I guess life ain't (lol) all fun and games though! Peace & Love from Mexico!


Kristen said...

yay a post!!!!! :) love it (the new decor)! are they not going to move back like they said they were?

Dacia A. Loa said...

Well, I asked Gabriel and he said that they weren't going to move back until they built their second floor. They haven't started on it yet so it will probably be a while.