Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have discovered that one of my new favorite things to do is play the drums. Today we went to the church to practice again. We are trying to learn some new songs. My brother is learning the bass. He is going to be playing it in church someday soon. That is why I offered to play the drums. I have been able to keep a beat since ... a long time, but I have never added the drums to my list of instruments that I play. But today my brother showed me this drum roll that is so fun! Now I want to play more! Lol. I told my brother the reason I like that certain drum roll is because it makes me look like I can play pretty good (when I don't really). Hehe!

Okay, this will be totally off subject, but we were just downstairs eating supper. Yeah, we eat rather late at times. I had taken the last Dr. Pepper out of the refrigerator. I got to the table and my brother wanted to know where I had gotten it from. He had been looking for one. So I offered to let him have it because I mostly drink diet soda anyways. So we were sitting there pushing it back and forth. My mom kept saying, "Yeah, well, he has a glass of milk." And I would say, "I really don't care if you take it, Jake." But he would give it back. But then he would say, "I really wanted one though." So finally my dad says, "Well, if neither of you wants it I will take it!" He reached his hand out to take it and suddenly both Jake and I had our hands there! It was really funny! All of the sudden we both felt zero guilt over taking it, just so long as our dad didn't get it! Hehehe! Talk about greedy! What selfish kids we are! Lol.

Anyways, I have to get back to cleaning my room (I feel like I live cleaning my room). So ... peace out! Love, MayMay

Mum on the piano ... okay, not on it but playing it!

He wanted a picture with his instrument! I guess we didn't get a picture of him playing the bass. Oh well.

It looks like my dad is jamming! But he is actually bending down to adjust something on the amplifier. :D

I was really having fun!!

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Kristen said...

I about died laughing at the whole Dr.Pepper grab when Dad wanted it! It is so y'all! :D and then also when I looked at dad's pic..because it does look like he's jamming, bent over and everything! ROFL thanks for the posts