Monday, September 20, 2010

Viva Mexico! Even Though I Am A Few Days Late! :)

Well, as you can imagine, since I never did write about it, I did not go to the parade. See, someone at church told me that there were rumors going around that there was going to be a huge riot. I guess people are angry about the state of our dissolved electric company or something. So people were supposed to disrupt the parade and riot. Well, that spoiled the thought for me. I decided that I did not really want to be caught in the middle of a riot if one broke out. You never know what could happen.

It seemed to me as if the Dia De La Independencia (Independence day which they actually celebrate for two days, the 15th and 16th) was really quiet this year. I actually did not hear very many fireworks at all. Usually they do so many fireworks that the air actually gets hazy and you can barely see. But this year it was very uneventful. We never celebrate the day. We never celebrate any day. So it was just any other day for us, and no one invited us to eat at their house or anything. So, yeah, it was just any other boring day to me. Oh well.

I did follow my brother up on top of the house to hang up a Mexican flag that my dad bought (that was as much "holiday spirit" we got). And you have to climb up two different ladders to get up there. I am terrified of heights. So, needless to say, I had a difficult time climbing down. Hehe. My dad had to go and hold the ladder and my brother took a cable thing that was on the roof and wrapped it under my arms. Only then was I able to climb down. Lol. And afterwards I always wonder why I put myself through such things. It would be a great story to tell though. "I fell off of the roof and broke my arm and leg!" Okay, but it is definitely not something I really want to do.

My best friend in our church came over to my house again last week. It seems like we are always hanging out. I am so grateful to have found a true friend. But I hate sounding sappy so I will not say anything else. Hehe. We spent all day Friday running around doing errands for my parents. I definitely did not plan that, but my dad got sick. So I had to go to all these different stores (okay, only two) and buy stuff. Arg. I always get so nervous! I so need to get out on my own more often.

Saturday we decided to go to this park that is a couple of blocks away from our house. I had never been there before, but I have seen it like a million times. So off we walk (we would've taken the bikes except that mine totally broke the day before when we rode to Oxxo on the bikes ... oh, hahaha, and Lupita hit a car! It was hilarious!). I stopped to pluck some pretty pink flowers out of a corn field to stick in my hair. And then I stated some nonsense about having a free spirit. Lol. So now Lupita, who is learning English, has picked it up. I guess I should be careful with the things I say. She could learn to talk like a countrified Texan. Lol. "How are y'all doin'?" Hehe.

Anyways, as we neared the park we saw two ambulances and a police car parked in front of the entrance. They were loading a person inside one of the ambulances. I got all panicked because I absolutely abhor seeing gory things. So I suggested that we walk around until the emergency vehicles (as they call them in the Texas Driver's Handbook) left. But Lupita got scared because ... well, I don't really know why. So we went to go back to the park entrance again. And when we got there we saw this big pool of blood on the pavement. Oh, what a terrible sight. I got an awful feeling in my stomach just from seeing that (and I was unable to eat later). But we went inside trying not to look. Well, I was trying not to. I don't know about Lupita. See, I don't want to be like all of those people who enjoy seeing stuff like that. You know, all of those people who stand around the scene of an accident gawking. No thanks, not me.

Once inside the park we went to sit on the swings. I was getting all paranoid. I am always imagining scary things. I said, "What if that person was shot?" So then I was all suspicious of the few people (all men) who were sitting in the park. But I finally got over my paranoia enough to walk around the park with Lupita. We took about a thousand pictures which I will not force you to look at! Hehe. In the end we did have fun, once we got over the horrible possible fates that could have become of that person.

The flag my dad bought!

Up to the roof we go!

Me cautiously climbing up!

My parents watching. My mum was saying, "Dacia, you scare me." Because she knows that I am terrified of heights. My problem is that I can get up very easily, but I cannot get down.

Ma and the flag! "Mexicana yo soy ..." Not really. :)

Jake making sure that the flag will not fall down.

The pretty corn field in front of our house.

The dogs playing!

Trying to get down. Man, that was scary!

Me, toasting to my success of getting down off the roof! Lol.

Me and Lupita were at the pet store (my favorite place ever) in the mall. They had the cutest little pomeranian.


Me, yeah, I was in the bathroom at the mall.

In the elevator. I must say, we need another best friend. Then we would have someone to take our pictures for us. :)

At Starbucks, our favorite place in the world.

Me, Myself, and I.


A humongous pumpkin at WalMart!! Hehehe ... I know, weird picture!

We were sitting on the ledge outside of my window!

Peace & Love!

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