Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jacob's Birthday!

I am a little late in posting this since my brother's birthday was a few days ago already, but I just haven't felt any motivation to post! So, anyways, we woke up relatively early (Jacob and I always wake up really late so it was early for us!) and we went to go eat at the Rainforest Cafe in Santa Fe, Mexico City. I had been bragging about the fish that I ate there last time we went (which was fifty years ago) and so we all ordered fish (well, except for my poor daddy who loves fish but can no longer eat it because he is allergic to it). And guess what? It was like the worse meal of our whole life. We were all very disappointed. I was like, "Hey, I promise that last time it didn't taste like this!" But we were cheered up after we got to get a frappuccino from Starbucks (I love that place but hardly ever get to go).

Afterwards we went to this place that is right outside of Toluca called, La Marquesa. They have four-wheelers and horses there, and go karts also. But we got on the four-wheelers. I didn't want to drive one for myself (I have had way too many embarrassing experiences on those things!) so I got on with Jacob. And the one my dad was on got a flat and then it ran out of gas. Hahaha!

Then we went to play games at the outlet mall in Lerma (a place in Toluca that always smells like sewer. We call it "stinky Lerma."). I won 600 tickets. I had never won so many in my life! I was amazed! Hehe. And so I picked out all kinds of candy, not that I'll ever eat it.

So then we got at about eight o'clock at night and I made Jacob a cake. And we sang "Happy Birthday." I bought him a candle that sings "Las Mananitas" (the Mexican birthday song). But it wouldn't quit singing. Hmmm ... So no one in my house has even eaten the cake except me. My dad doesn't like that kind of cake. My brother doesn't really care for sweets. And my mum just doesn't want any. SIGH! So I guess I went through the effort to make a cake in vain. Does no one ever appreciate anything?! Nah, I'm only kidding.

Doesn't that sound like the ideal birthday? I told Jacob, "If you don't think that was the best birthday you've ever had, something's wrong with you!" See, his last birthday we actually spent sitting in a hospital waiting room because a friend of ours had gotten smashed by a car (well, I don't know if smashed is the word, but it's close enough).

Anyways, here are some of the pictures from his birthday. The pictures from the restaurant are rather blurry. It was so dark in there that you had to use the flash or have blurry pictures. I chose blurry pictures!

The gorillas that were moving. It was pretty neat! I think that they should just get rid of real animals at zoos and fill them with fake moving animals. Then at least you'd get to see them doing something other than sleeping! :D

All of the tickets that I won (okay the other won about thirty of them, but I won the rest!).

All of my candy.

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Holly said...

it sounds like y'all had tons of fun!!! lol! tell jacob i said happy b-day