Friday, October 29, 2010

Our Move!

Hey! FYI: This is going to be a rather long post. It's three o'clock in the morning and here I am posting. I would've done it before but I have been very busy for the past few days. See, we have moved into a new church building. I say new, but it isn't really new (we are renting a building). In fact, it's really old and ugly. I mean, it's pink (I never will understand these people's fascination with pink). But I suppose I should be grateful that the reason we have to move is because we are running out of space in our old building! So thank God for that! But still, how come the building couldn't have been beige? Hmmm ... I think pink looks better though than say ... orange or blue. Sorry, I am getting a wee bit off subject here!

Tuesday we went to go move all of the pews and instruments. Okay, I went along but I didn't actually help. I just stood around while all of the men did all of the work. But I did take the pictures. Okay, they are horrible pictures. But I didn't want to use the flash because I get embarrassed just walking up to men and flashing the camera in their faces! That is the reason I miss my sister the most because she was the picture taker before. She had no problem flashing the camera in people's faces. Arg.

Okay, so here is when we arrived at the church to move everything. I decided to take one last picture of our first church building ever (we have been there for eight years). This is so sad to write about. I am getting all emotional. *Pause* ... just wait a minute while I wipe a tear out of my eye.

And here is the inside of our old church. It looks like there are huge dust particles floating in front of my camera but I suppose the lens was probably just dirty!

Bro. Armando and Jacob taking the seats out of the van. My dad just mostly supervose ... oh, wait, I don't think that's a word. Maybe it should be "supervised?" *wink*

Gum on the bottom of the bench. SIGH! It's a good thing that I am not the pastor. I think I would be blasting people all of the time. I would run them all off.

A broken chair. I don't know why I took this picture. And I don't know why I am putting it on my blog either!

My bro got to drive the van. I say that like it's a privilege. He 'got' to drive it. But why would anyone want to drive a monster like that (of course, I am the one who always says that I want a monster truck).

I was trying to show that I am the one taking pictures which is why there are no pictures of me. But I must admit it, this picture was a big FAIL!

The "new" building. SEE! IT'S PINK! And with that high ceiling ... it's echo alley (does that make sense?)!

Ummm ... does it take four men to set up the drums?

A "Jesus" on the wall. We took it down, of course!

Dad moving his first pew!

More of the guys who showed up to help!

Anyways, while all of the men worked, Abiael, my dad, and I jumped into Abiael's truck and went to buy this big tub. We are going to use it for baptisms. We used to use a "pileta." A "pileta" is a big concrete tub thing that they fill up with water. And then they use that water to wash their clothes (it's always right next to their scrub board). So this is Abiael inside of "la tina."

This is where we bought it. A truck on the side of the road!

More of the men who helped. Sorry, guys, it's blurry. I told you I'm not a good photographer.

Here is Juan. He showed up long enough for me to take a picture of him helping and then he left!

If you look closely at this picture you will see that the guys were using a piece of string and a broom so that they could see how far apart the pews should be. Little did they know that the next day we were going to have them all over the place. To think ... all of their hard work down the drain!

Then on Wednesday we had to go back to the church to fix all sorts of things. We stayed there all day (from 10 to 10) working. I didn't know I could get so sore from just standing up all day and doing random little jobs.(Oh, and when we arrived there we heard all kinds of loud chirping. There were like five birds flying around inside. Poor little birds. Little do they know that people want to kill them for being inside of there!)

First, we had to get a door open that had no key. It is a storage closet. So my dad decided to unscrew the screws to take the window out. So then we both climbed up to look in and see the lock.

Here's my dad taking out the window. This was plan A.

He tried to open the door with a broom handle (suddenly I understand why that broom I put in the closet had no handle!). It didn't work. I probably could've opened it but he didn't let me try.

So then it was time for plan B ... drill a hole through the lock.

Well, that lock proved to be a whole lot more sturdy than he thought it would be. It broke a couple of drill bits! And then once we had a big enough hole we still had no way to unlock it. So then it was time for plan C, saw off the bar blocking the window. Plan C was my idea, which is why it worked (it was proved once again that women are smarter. Hehe). So we finally were able to open the door and remove the old lock!

Sis. Veronica, she cleans the church.

Me. I was to cutting out rubber squares so that I could fix the wobbly pews.

Bro. Erick fixing ... something!

Me replacing the old lock that we tore out with a new lock.

And now we come to the most dangerous part of the whole night! There were four lights that were not working. So we were going to replace the bulbs. So Nacho and his son show up with two extension ladders and lean them against each other. Then Nacho climbed up to change the bulbs. When he removed one of the bulbs a bunch of sparks flew out!

They got done putting the bulbs in and went to turn the breaker back on. So then we were standing there staring up at the lights and one by one, POP, POP, POP, POP, they all went out. Turns out that there is a short somewhere. SIGH! So there went eighty buckaroos to waste for the bulbs and sockets that had to be replaced. Arg. Oh well.

Well, now it is 4:30 AND I AM TIRED! But at least I can sleep good knowing that I posted this. Goodbye and Good morning! Lol.
Au revoir!

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Kristen said...

was it weird being in a different buidling? After 8 yrs? I think it would feel weird! Next time we come it'll be weird!