Monday, November 22, 2010

Goodbye Mexico!

In a few hours we will be US bound! Usually I dread the travelling and the eating and meeting people, but this time I am determined to stay positive! I need to get out, to broaden my horizons!

Leaving is always bittersweet for me! I want to go, but at the same time I just want to be here, at home. After church tonight I took a few pictures! I wanted the memories! Okay, I am acting as if I am never coming back! But, then again, I suppose it's always good to be prepared!

So if you were to ask me what I am most looking forward to, I would have to say ... Thankgiving! Yes! We, the Loa family, are actually going to be in the US for Thanksgiving! I can't wait for Thursday! All of the food! Turkey! Mashed potatoes! Corn! And all of that other fattening junk!


Gabriela holding some Jello or something! I hope she never sees my blog because I promised her that I would not put this picture on the internet! Hehe! Well, I think she looks pretty, so why should it matter?

Me n Gaby!

Me n Lupis!

Nacho and Jake!

And this is when we went to the store after church. Yeah, as soon as they saw me pull out my camera they all turned the other way or walked away (as Abel is doing). That, folks, is why I never have any pictures to post on my blog.

Well, wish me luck! I get really carsick. But I bought some (okay, my parents bought it) motion sickness medicine so maybe I will be fine!
Au revoir ... for now! Just wait for Thanksgiving, then I will have some pictures to post!!!
Signing off. Over and out!

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