Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello, My Beloved Country!

Five o'clock on Monday morning came too fast. Of course, I had stayed up most of the night to write those two last posts. By the time I got in bed it was already too late for me to get any sleep. My dad came to bang on the door. I jumped up. We got dressed, loaded our suitcases into the SUV, and then we set out on our journey to the border. Well, we had gotten half way out of the city when my dad remembered something important that he had left behind. What do you think we did? Well, we turned right around to go back home to get it. Thus, we found ourselves stranded in some heavy traffic. I thought that I had seen a ton of traffic in Toluca before, but that is nothing compared to how it was at six-thirty in the morning. There was this main road that was four lanes. And the traffic on our side of the road was driving into the other two lanes and blocking the road so that the cars couldn't come up it. Only in Mexico ... I mean, where are the lovely cops when stuff like that is going on? I attempted to take a picture, but by the time I had thought of it the traffic was clearing up. ARG. I have such a slow brain. Hehe. So this is all that came out:

Oh, and the funniest part came when we had moved further up the road. These two cars were going as fast as they could and they were both headed in the same direction. They scraped the sides of their cars together and they didn't even care. They just kept driving like they didn't care at all. So I say once again, "Only in Mexico ..." They drive so recklessly.

We got to the border at five o'clock, I think. We made it in ten hours! WOOHOO! My dad was driving about one hundred miles an hour the entire way! Way to go Dad!

Below is a picture of my mom looking at all of the mail we had waiting for us! I had a box with my name on it at my grandparents house. Everyone was asking what it was. I had no idea. So when we got back into the car I opened it. You know what was inside? A hamburger helper and two mini boxes of cereal! Ahaha! Who knows how I ended up with that!

This couch is usually where I sleep. One of my Uncles has this garage that he and his wife have fixed up into a little place where they let us stay when we are in town! They are too generous! Thanks to them we have somewhere to stay (We love y'all Uncle Leo and Tia Rosa!)!

The other room!

Jake sitting around drinking a heavenly Dr Pepper!

What is the point of me taking a picture? By the way, that is me trying to make a question mark out of my hands!

Holding Jacob's BB gun!

If there was ever a reason why I hate Texas ... it's because of these Texas-sized water bugs. UGH! They terrify me! I cannot sleep when I know one is around! Unfortunately they live everywhere. Help me!!! :D

Then my sister showed up this morning to take us to WalMart so that we could go shopping for all of the food for Thanksgiving! YUM!

Shadow. He used to be our family dog until my sister got married and took him with her. He's such a good dog. And he still remembers his Aunty Dacia!

Kris making a lemon meringue pie. Which came out all perfect looking but then got accidentally dumped on the floor. Then we had to go to WalMart again to buy more stuff to make another one.

Pie crust for an apple pie!

Us with our unfinished pies!

Then an errant bee flew into the kitchen causing some mayhem. I kept hitting it but it would not die (but I personally think it was the flimsy fly swatter that my sister owns I am an expert fly killer so how come I couldn't kill a bee?). So then my sister kept hitting it until she knocked it into the sink and we sent him down the drain. Poor bee.

My apple pie! Yay!

Me driving to WalMart! We had to keep going back to the store for the things we kept forgetting.

My mum making something. I don't remember what it was.

We were taking a picture of each other taking a picture of one another!

A stray cat that I got to come around by feeding it a raw piece of meat. My sister said, "Gross! And I said, "What?! They eat raw rats all of the time!"

Another kitty! I love cats, even though they are evil sometimes!

Jacob, David, and my daddy!

Right now we are still making food. Arg. I suppose it's a good thing that Thanksgiving only happens once a year. Who would want to cook all of this food all of the time?!


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