Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Dislike Thinking Up Titles

Last week we had our first services in our "new" building. We had two visitors receive the Holy Ghost. I only hope that they come back. They actually live in Mexico City. Oh well.

We also had three baptisms. So we got to use our new baptismal thingy. Lol. SO here are a few pictures from last week. Oh, and we also had Bro. and Sis. Cooper and Bro. and Sis. Bufford from Missourri here for a couple of special services. Enjoy the pictures!

The "thingy."

The three people getting baptized. Jesus, Nicolas, and Lorenza (I think ... I'm really bad at knowing all of our new people's names).

The people dancing.

My Sunday school kids, Santiago, Rosita, and Isaac, playing tambourines and dancing! It is so cute! I think I am turning into a softy!

Bro. Cooper

Bro. Bufford

The man and woman on the left are the two visitors that received the Holy Ghost. And us girls were all praying for one of the girls in the church who sort of ... needs prayer! Lol. I had to stop praying for her not only because that day I pretty much went to church sick, but I also had to take pictures!

Me after church. I look really white and weird. Just bear in mind that I didn't feel well. Hehe. Well, I think that's a good excuse!

We took the visiting preachers to eat at "El Tapatio." We always take our visitors there. And I really dislike eating there. It's all meat and I don't really like meat.

Cooking ... with bare hands. Miguel is the boy in the yellow cap (he speaks good English!). And his dad, Gilberto. They said that they are atheists. We got them to visit our church one time. Maybe someday they will visit again.

The food ... Arrachera with cactus.

These are some kids that I stopped in front of the church on Halloween. They looked at me really weird when I asked if I could take their picture. The kids around here don't really dress up that much. And if I am not mistaken, they ask for money instead of candy (at least that's what they used to do when we first moved here).

Okay, end of post. :)

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