Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So I totally forgot to write about this the other day! But I went ice-skating with Lupita! We just did the same ole stuff that we always do. We go to the mall in a taxi (which it always takes us a million years to catch one that's empty) because the bus that we need to take doesn't come down our street. So then we stand on the sidewalk and watch all of these taxis pass by. We choose one by the way their face looks! We were standing there saying, "No, he looks too mean. Nope that one looks like a murderer! No, not him!" But finally we got into one! I suppose we shouldn't judge by looks. It could be the nicest looking old man who would kidnap us!

We got to the mall and then we went straight to ice-skating! It was fun. But we have to go really slow because Lupita is scared to ice-skate. Finally we just got out of the ice-skating rink so that we could follow our tradition of buying a frappuccino from Starbucks (we love that place!). Then we just moseyed around the mall and into the pet store where I got to hold a little hamster (and remember all of the hamsters that I used to own, but are now in hamster heaven!). That is basically all that we did. Oh, except that we were taking pictures inside of the mall and this guard was about to come up to us and tell us to stop. But I was like, "Let's go!" Lol. I mean, I just think that it is rather absurd that they don't want you to take pictures of the mall. What do they think I am going to do? Build an exact replica across the street ... only better? Lol!

So that's what we do here ... for fun.

Me and Lupita! We had our ice-skates on but no one to take a picture! So you can't see the ice-skates!


Oh, yeah! I forgot! We went to Sam's Club to eat! See, it's the cheapest place to eat! And they have the best pizza!

Moi et le hamster (FYI: I love rodents!)! Isn't he cute?!

Lupita by the "fountain" outside of the mall.

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