Friday, November 12, 2010

Livin' The Life ...

... of a missionary, that is!

My dad and I just made a trip to Veracruz. My dad wanted to go preach to them one more time before we go to the US for a couple of months. So we went down there Monday along with two brothers from our church. I don't usually like to go along but I have been so bored sitting around here that I wanted to get out of the city and do something worthwhile!

Once we were were near our destination we began seeing washed out bridges from all of the flooding that happened a month or so ago. So my dad kept making Bro. Gabriel, who was driving at the time, slow down so I could take pictures. After about ten different bridges I said, "Enough! They all look the same anyways!" So that ended that photo frenzy! He! He! He! Then after we were in our hotel my dad told me that somebody wanted those pictures. So then I was like, "Why didn't you tell me that?! I should've taken more!" And although I took about a million pictures of the "broken" bridges, I shall only post three.

My dad in the backseat.

Bro. Gabriel driving. Have you ever driven with a Mexican? They drive WILD! Okay, but he didn't really drive that bad! :)

Did you know that pineapples grow out of the ground? Well, now you do! Okay, maybe you already knew that, but I didn't ... until I traveled around Mexico for awhile. This is just one of the thousands of pineapple fields we drove by.

And then there was sugarcane. Tons and tons of sugarcane.

Then we got to Acayucan (where we stay) and as soon as we get into our hotel room I started going on about how hungry I was and could we go eat. Yeah, I am a nuisance ... you don't ever want to travel with me. Not only do I need food, but I can yak yak yak your ears off (Ahaha ... I just looked up the expression "yak yak yak" to see if that is the correct spelling and all it came up with was something about "distinctive shaggy Himalayan hoofed mammals, which roam Tibet and parts of China" ... alas, I shall always wonder if this is spelled right)! Anyways, where was I? Oh, yeah. So I was whining about being hungry and my dad told me that it was only nine o'clock and that we'd have to wait until lunch time. See, the restaurants don't open early. So I decided that I would sleep until it was time to go eat. I lay down and was soon shooting up the z's. But then I began dreaming. In my dream I could hear a guitar playing. It was my dad. And so I went around town with people asking everyone to sign a petition to get him to stop playing his guitar when people are trying to sleep. I know ... my dreams are so weird. And then I woke up and he was really playing his guitar. And me, well, I just lay there shaking my fists! Hehe!

My dad playing his guitar!

And then finally we got to go eat. But to my complete dismay the place where we went to eat was serving Mexican food only. And as if to mock me ... the only food they seemed to sell was Mole (and I'm not talking about an animal. It's a sort of gravyish stuff with different flavors of Chiles). And if you know me ... I don't really care for Mole. The food there, other than the Mole, was food that had different names than here in Toluca. I asked, "Don't they sell any tacos?" See, tacos is what they mostly sell here in Toluca.

My dad, Bro. Gabriel and Bro. Erick.

I know I look mad in this picture, but I was was just really tired. And I had to put this picture on here because it is the only evidence that I was actually there ... there are no other pictures of me. Why? Oh, of course, because I was the one taking the pictures (and because I am camera shy)!

The food ... I keep forgetting what is was called. Oh well. But it was actually pretty good. In fact, I could eat it again. But I sure did miss the Toluca food (we have the best food in all of Mexico! ... No offense to all of you other states! *grin*)

Look at this picture and you will see ... a carnival set up in the middle of the road. That is what they do here, block the streets for a carnival.

Pastor Daddy teaching on Jesus name baptism.

The people listening. See, that little boy on the right? He saw me get my camera out and he leans over and starts smiling at the camera! You know, I think I am actually starting to like kids!

On day number two we went over to the people's house at two o'clock to baptize a few people. The weather in Veracruz is pretty hot and VERY humid. So we started walking ... for about two whole miles. By the time we got to the "cow watering hole" I felt like hanging my tongue out like a dog and panting. But I didn't. Mostly because the people over there seem really tough and I didn't want to seem like some wimpy American.

The long trek to the waterhole!

A coconut tree. I saw one with a raccoon looking tail hanging there. I stopped and was pointing. "Hey! There's something in the tree!" It turned out to be a squirrel. All of the people were staring at me like I was weird. I'm like, "What?! Can I help it that there is no wildlife in Toluca so I get excited at the sight of a mere squirrel?" Oh, and the squirrels there eat giant nuts! Instead of storing acorns and pecans and stuff like that in their nests for the winter ... they store coconuts. Okay, I am making that up. But the squirrel WAS eating a coconut. But, well, there is no winter in Veracruz so why would the squirrels need to store anything? But, still, try imagining a little squirrel lugging a big coconut to it's nest!

Then we got to the piece of property where the waterhole was located. And guess what we had to do? Jump a fence! I asked my dad, "Are we trespassing?" I mean, it seemed rather fishy to me having to jump a fence to get to a pool of water. But my dad said that they had asked permission. I breathed a sigh of relief. I mean, I didn't want my life to come to an abrupt end that day by getting shot at while attempting to sneak over a fence to go baptize a few people. Okay, we weren't sneaking, but it makes the story sound better!

More walking!

Lo, there it is!

Three people got baptized! In the Name of Jesus! Yay! Enrique, Elisero or Elimeset ... or ... I really need to start paying attention to names! And the wife, I totally didn't catch her name. Or course, I never saw anyone throw it (okay, even I'll admit that that joke was corny!!!) . WAIT! ... The second man's name was Elimes! I think! Yes, I am certain ... well, almost. Hey, cut me some slack! This was only the second time I've been to Veracruz with my dad. And he has been going there for a year now.


Elimes' wife going under!

Enrique. He's a shy man. He's been coming for almost a year now.

The people singing the same song that we sing here in Toluca after a baptism. "Soy bautisado como manda el Salvador. Que grande gozo siento yo en mi corazon. Ya mis pecados los borro mi Salvador. Quiero llegar puro y limpio a su mansion (I am baptized just like the Saviour commands. Oh, what joy I feel in my heart. My Saviour has erased my sins. I want to arrive pure and clean to His mansion.).

The water was full of these little fish. They all gathered around and were staring at me!

If you notice, all of the picture are taken from far away. The reason why was that I stood on the other side of the water. And the reason for that was because there were humongous ants crawling all over the ground where everyone was standing. It reminds me of the time when my family and I went to the jungle in ... oh, never mind! I have a bad habit of digressing! I am so trying to stop. *big smile*

My dad signing the Bibles that he bought to give to a few of the people who can read. It is a bit difficult to teach them because most of them never went to school so they are illiterate. They cannot read or write. So they have to depend on what they hear.

Giving a Bible to Manuel (he's like fifteen years old). From what I understand he is the one who reads the Bible to all of the people when they get together to pray because he is one of the few who can read. I remember he came to visit here in Toluca last March (he has family in our church here ... which is how we ended up starting a church in Veracruz in the first place). And all of our youth were at the mall hanging out and I invited him to go get a frappucino from Starbucks with Lupita and me. He acted like he had never had anything like it before! I felt so nice for introducing him to frappucino's! Hehehe!

Eating after church. They always expect you to eat.

On the way out of Acayucan we stopped at an Oxxo (convenience store) and this cute mutt was outside sleeping. I woke him up ... actually, I think it was a girl. So then it was chasing a cricket and looking really cute. So I decided to buy her something to eat. So my dad bought a hotdog and I gave it to her. My good deed for the week! Lol!

On the way back home we stopped in Puebla to eat lunch with the Wakefields! Elder Glenn Wakefield, Bro. Curtis Wakefield, and my dad talking ... for a whole hour and a half! The guys we took with us were probably bored out of their minds because it was all in English.

Nicole, Me, and Bethany (Hey, if you guys read this, it was good to see y'all!)! But, alas, I did not get a picture of the Sis. Wakefields (I can think of no other way to word that).

Now we reach the end of this post! I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures! And, hey, I just thought of something. There ARE two pictures of me on this post (sorry, I am a bit self-absorbed)! Yay!

Adios!! Hasta la vista!

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