Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, we decided to go to the Grand Canyon ... again. It looked so much more beautiful this time! Last time we came I had bad vision and could not see it very clearly. Thank God that I now have contacts! I was wondering there for awhile why nothing looked pretty anymore! Hehe!

We had to get a picture in front of one of these cactus', well, at least my dad wanted to. So we stopped on the side of the highway to take one. But I could barely keep my eyes open because the sun was so bright! When we pulled over from the highway I was wondering what the people in the cars passing by were thinking about us. Why? Because when I see people parked on the side of the highway, in the middle of nowhere I always wonder what kind of evil they are up to. Is it crazy to think like that?

Some of the beautiful scenery! I always have to take pictures!

Snow! I love it!

The grand view of the Grand Canyon!

We saw these really cool warning signs. Beware of the elk!

Beware of cougars!

And then we come to this one ... Beware of cows?

Look! A pretty Raven! He came kind of close and I actually took a picture beside him (which I will not post because I look really funny!) but I didn't get too close. Because when I tried to get nearer than two feet away from him he acted like he wanted to fly at me and peck my eyes out. My parents think I am weird. But I have just heard too many stories (all fictional, of course) about black birds pecking out people's eyes.

Aren't they cute?

A piece of the "meteorite" that fell in Arizona and made a big meteor crater. If I remember correctly the lady said that it was 92% Iron, and 7% Nickel. But what was the other 1%? I cannot remember. It was cool to touch though. Okay, it felt like you were running your hands over iron. Hehe. And it also made your hands smell like metal. So I guess it is really nothing special. Man, when you break all of this down and think about it, it isn't special at all. LOL! I was rubbing a piece of iron. WOO HOO!

The crater! My dad said: "Why do y'all want to go see a hole in the ground?" Leave it to him to call it for what it is, "a hole in the ground."

If you look really close you will see the coonskin cap that I was wearing! People were looking at me weird, but I wore it anyways. I have always wanted one, you see.



Eliana said...

Hi Dacia!
I'm glad that we were able to see you and your family last night! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!
-Eliana Tarazon

Dacia Loa said...

Yah! It was really good to see you guys and get to know you all better! I had fun!