Saturday, December 25, 2010

California And Back!

So right now I am at my sister's house (not that you really wanna know!). We are all sitting here in the living room eating pickles! That is one of the things that we miss when we are in Mexico. I know, most people hate pickles! But I love them! Every time I eat one I am reminded of the times when my brother and I would be with our cousins. We would be sitting on their front porch and eat all of their pickles! And then all of us (my brother, cousins, and me) would fight over who got to drink the pickle juice! Okay, that is an embarrassing admission. Hehe.

We are back in Texas now. And I must admit that it is a bit sad. Because another thing that I must admit is that I really like California! I am not sure what it is about that place, but it has a certain charm. Maybe it is the palm trees or the nearness of the ocean. Or I guess it could just be the fact that everyone in the churches over there is so friendly. It was definitely a fun trip though. I got to see several of my friends over there (a big shout out to all of y'all) and meet a few new ones!

But now that our trip is coming to an end, we are all faced with a bittersweet feeling. My family, because they must return to Mexico soon and leave behind the beloved USA. Me, because I am not going back this time. I decided that it was finally time to announce that! Lol! I am staying with my sister for six months. I wonder if I can do it? I might die from being homesick. I will definitely miss our church and my friends down there! But what I really want to know is how they will survive without me ... just kidding! Hey, I just want to feel like I'm needed! Hehe. But just so that no one gets confused ... I AM going back after six months. This is NOT permanent.

And now for the few pictures that I took (I wanted to take pictures with so many people but was too embarrassed to ask *sob*):

My dad preaching in Bell Gardens at Pastor Trevino's church!

Me and Daisy!

Me and Cesiah Gonzalez ... love that girl!! We always have to get a picture together!

Me and Icela!

And then there was Starbucks! Lol! You know me ... I am addicted!

My sister and I. We were shopping in a store and we got tired! So we went and sat down behind a rack of clothes! And my poor mom thought that we had left the store. Hey, I just noticed something. We both have poufs and they are both pointing a different direction!

We went to eat at Jason's Deli.

My dad is hilarious! He goes to a restaurant one time and he will get or try a certain food that he thinks is just marvelous! And so he will reccomend it to everyone. And he will also order it! Then when it arrives and he eats it he says: "This isn't as good as last time." I always tell him that he just sets to high of expectations. Lol. This is my motto: Don't expect much and you will never be disappointed!

This is what we did today, Christmas. We went to the laundromat to wash clothes!

My mom said, "Why are you taking a picture? You aren't doing anything." Teehee!!

Okay, time to leave! I will post more ... lllaaattteeerrr!!!


Hannah said...

Hahaha I love that saying! About the disapointment (spelling??) Lol you could even use that in friendships.....well u can use that everywhere lol! Good pic of david cheesing it and kris taking pics shows their personality! Oh and I'm glad ur gonna be here a while! :)

Couture by Cassia said...

I was sooo happy to see you!!!! hopefully see you in TX!!!:)