Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life Goes On ...

Yes, life in Toluca is going on without me. And from what I hear it is going on really good. No one even misses me. Oh well. So I called home. No, I wrote home. Oh, wait! I didn't do either of those. Okay, my sister told me that she talked to my mum. That's how the story goes ... I remember now! And my mother told her that last Sunday they had a really awesome service!

One of the men, Nacho, was refilled with the Holy Ghost! He had received it before but got out of church. And also three teenagers who used to come were back and all dancing and praying (I am assuming that they were refilled also)! I was so excited to hear about all of that! I just know that someday God is going to do something special with our youth. Because they all (including me) need God really bad! Living for Jesus is a struggle, but I am certain that we will all overcome all of the worldly temptations and keep on serving Him! So next time you get down to pray why don't you take a few moments to pray for our youth. If there has ever been one thing that I have longed to see, it would be our youth on fire for God!

But all of good things that are happening over their are not going on without a fight. Apparently one of the neighbors who lives by our new church (they rent the apartments that are just outside) is trying to cause some trouble. I heard that he was yelling at my brother because someone was parked in his parking space or was too close to his car or something. And my brother didn't say anything (he doesn't like to speak spanish, although I know that he knows how to) and was just quiet and so that made the man madder and madder! LOL! So then he decided to key some cars. But thankfully we have some men who stand guard outside every service to catch people doing those kind of things. So they stopped him.

So that's the news in Toluca! I have been trying to post for a couple of days already but my laptop keeps freezing up. Thank God for the autosave or else all that I had written and the pictures I uploaded would be gone!

So all of these pictures are recent but they are not mine. I told my mom to send me some pictures but she hasn't. How am I supposed to update without pictures? So I asked Lupita if I could use hers. And she said that was fine! I'm so glad that I have a friend who goes picture-happy. You know, the ones who snap pictures of the weirdest things! LOL!

Araceli (a girl who has been coming for about four or five years but I still don't know her that well) and Lupita!

Miriam and Lupita. I hope Miriam doesn't read my blog because then she will tell me to take this picture off. Which I won't do it. Lol!

Gabriela and Lupita! Gabriela would also tell me to take this off. Why do people hate pictures of themselves?? I think they always look pretty!

This girl is obviously new because I do not know who she is! But I do know that she is the daughter of a new man named, Cesar, who has been going to church. I will write more about that when I get more details. Okay, her name is Jennifer.

For New Years the church had a get together. So these are some of the pictures!

Bro Gabriel. He loves to be silly.

Lupita and Miriam (Bro. Gabriel's wife).

Everyone eating! I wonder what the food was??

Some of the little girls.

Dara and Betsy ... aren't they the cutest little sisters?

Gabrielito and Erickito.

Little Gisele ... she's growing up so fast! She is a year old, I think.

Well, that's all for now folks!
Coming soon: Ixtlahuaca's Church Makes A Move! ... FINALLY!

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