Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Year ...

Well, I have no felt no inspiration to write lately. Maybe this will be an inspirationless year (is that a word?). Besides I have had nothing interesting happen to me lately. But I know I will disappoint all of my millions of fans if I do not write anything! Yes, yes, you are the people who have made me famous! Hehehe ... So what do y'all want to hear about? Aw, who cares ... I am the one writing!

So I know we are in a new year. And I never wished everyone a happy new year. So here's to a happy new year filled with blessings (I hope)! Ching-ching (that's the sound of all of our glasses clinking together *grin*)! Well, my sister says that it is pointless to make new years resolutions. And while I agree ... I still have made one! But it's a secret so I cannot tell!

For the new years guess what we did! We had a birthday party for my grandma. And, well, I must say, it turned into such an emotional evening. See, my grandmother did not know that it was a party for her birthday. So when she walks in the room and we are all standing there singing "happy birthday to you," and there was a cake and gifts she started crying. And then all of my uncles and my dad and my grandpa were all hugging her and all crying like babies. I had never seen such tenderness coursing through the veins of any Loa (I will say that I am probably the most emotional one of us all). My cousin Jon and me were standing there together and we were getting all teary-eyed! 'Twas quite embarrassing! The whole time I felt like shouting out, "Awkward!" Lol!

After the emotional part was over we all went to the garage. My dad took out his guitar. My grandpa walked in with his accordian. And then my Uncle Albert brings in his piano. So we started our Loa concert. My sister and I were the first ones to sing! I think they were all surprised that I even sing (because I never sing for anyone except at home in Mexico, but my sister always sings). Then there was just music, music and more music ... until everyone who knew how to play the guitar or piano had taken a turn "showing off." Well, except for my mother, sister, and myself (we are more humble). LOL! No, actually, it's just that all of my cousins are so talented that I would feel embarrassed to even play anything around them. Well, that is mostly due to the fact that my dad always tells everyone that I play:
1. Guitar.
2. Piano.
3. Flute.
4. Drums.
5. Harmonica.
6. Bass.
And, yes, he has told almost everyone in the world how natural of a talent I have for just picking up any instrument and playing it. Well, now is the time to set these crooked tales straight. I only play the guitar, piano, and the recorder (not the real flute ... although I do have a real flute) and the drums (but only a little). But, see, here's the catch, I have played all of these instruments but mastered none. I am one of those people who always wants to do everything, but never does, who starts everything, but finishes nothing. I believe in everything, yet believe in nothing. So I am one of those people who play instruments just not that good. Do you get what I am saying? My dad just likes to make me look good. But that just makes me not want to play anything for anyone because they'll be like, "That's it?" LOL! So I know maybe you're thinking, "This girl is full of herself." But that isn't how it is! So, anyways, to get back to my story, my grandpa was actually saying, "Andele, Dacia, play something." Which I was really surprised to hear him say that. Why? Well, mostly because he never knows my name (man, I hope he never sees that I said this! Hehe!). So it felt rather nice for him to acknowledge me and know my name! So I have decided that I will just practice, practice, practice a fancy song until I know it by heart so that I will be able to play it for our next family gathering. And that way no one will be disappointed by my playing! But I can think of no song.

Man, I have gone way off subject talking about myself. Well, like I have always said, I am self-centered. But if you know me then you know I am a huge believer in being myself. So I figure that I might as well be me while writing my blog too ... why put up a false image of who I am? Hehe. I guess 'cause then maybe people would like me better? Here's a tiny bit of personal information: My dad always gets upset at me because I am me when I meet/talk to any guys. He says, "You know, you could've been a bit more friendly and open." I guess he fears that I might run them off by being myself and then he'll have to keep me around in Mexico forever with them. Hehe. Sounds like a nice plan, huh? *wink*

So I am done writing now. My birthday is Monday ... so I will post pictures of all of the gifts I get!! You know me ... I <3 gifts (I just recently learned that < plus 3 is a sideways heart!)!

Enjoya las pictures! Haha!

Oh, yeah, I forgot to write about how we went to see our great grandfather. He is either 92 or 94. So that's who that is in the picture.

Oh, yes! And I also forgot to mention that my brother got his driver's license! Let's all give him a big hand clap! *clap clap clap* ... excuse the slight shadow of hair he had going there. You know how boys are ... too lazy to shave (intil their dad makes them!).

My cousin, sister, and I walked back to this old, dilapidated barn behind my uncle's house. As we walked over there one of my uncles said, "There are many blog moments to experience in there." So I was eager to arrive. But when we did ... I noticed that there was nothing but a bunch of junk inside that was crying out to be recycled. And there was poison ivy growing outside (okay, I don't really know what the stuff looks like but I don't want to find out ... again. Too many times have I gotten that stuff). But there was a certain quaintness about the place, it seemed as if that rotten, gray wood was saying, "Come lean against me and take a picture." So we did do that! Sorry, dear uncle (you know who you are), that place just didn't live up to my great expectations. Hehe. But it was pretty!

Rhesa, Kris, and me inside of the old barn.

My Uncle Albert barbecuing. And, no, there was no barbeque sauce on the meat. So I asked my mum why it was called barbeque and not grilled. She promptly informed me that, "That's just what we call grilling in Texas." Me, "Oh, duh!" And, no, I didn't really say that to my mum. I said that to myself.

Jon and me. In case you can't tell by the number of pictures I always take with him, he is one of my fave cousins. Although, come to think of it, they are all pretty much my favorites due to the fact that I just don't have that many cousins. So I love them all.

Jacob, Jon, Austin, Me and Rhesa.

Grandpa hugging grandma when she started crying ... so sweet. *tear*

My grandparents!

My dad playing the guitar.

Kris and me fixing to sing! We had to bend down because the sun was ruining the picture ... so stop laughing at the way we're squatting!

My Uncle Albert playing a song that he wrote. "Oh, devil, devil, you had me bound ..."

My cousin, Steve, playing the guitar and singing. I told you that the guitar was the Loa instrument.

My cousin, Brenda.

Jon and the youngest Loa cousin ... uh oh ... I forgot his name. Ummm ... oh yeah, Abraham.

Jacob and Jon dancing! LOL! They make me laugh!

Well, happy living everyone!

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