Thursday, January 13, 2011


Right about now I am beginning to miss my pets in Mexico. Well, mostly my ferret, Chester. He is my baby. We went to Petsmart the other day and they had some baby ferrets in a cage. I sat there and watched them for about an hour and my eyes were getting all misty. Hehe. Right now I just want to hold anything furry. Well, besides my sister's dog. I mean, seriously, he's grouchy.

This here is a hamster (I love rodents) I used to have. His name was Baby Benjii.

So there's this thing on my ipod called FaceTime where you can call anyone who has an ipod with that app. And it's like a video call. So you can see each other's face (it makes you look terrible though). So I have called my brother a few times and got him to show me my babies. He was showing his ipod to Baxter and I started whining like he used to do when he was a baby. And he got all sad and started crying. It just made "mommy" tear up. Lol. I just wish he was as cute and little now as he was when I took this picture two years ago.

Isn't this just the silliest picture you've ever seen? This was taken at this place that my mum called a "safari." See, I had a friend visiting from the US at the time and we were trying to keep her busy by doing "fun" things. So my mum came up with this idea to go to a "safari." It turned out that it wasn't a safari and we had to walk around this place that was about fifty miles long. First we went downhill. And, boy, wasn't that easy. But then came the million stairs back up. And the funny part was that that was the second time I had told my friend, "Well, where we're going today we won't have to walk." Both times it turned out to be a lie! But this picture kind of made the whole trip worth it!

Here's a picture I found from when my sister and I were REALLy young. We found that place somewhere in the mountains while driving around.

An old, old picture. Don't we look funny???

Anyways, sorry for the randomness. I just found all of the pictures and had to share them with you guys (that's the way y'all say y'all in California and all of them weird states!)!


Kristen said...

wow that last pic looks really old! and we all look tired...and we're all looking at different cameras :D

The Wakefields: Missionaries to Mexico said...

WOW!! Jacob is smiling!! LOL!

MezDaisy said...

next time you all go to your sister's house again, you should take a new family photo,lol