Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ixtlahuaca's New Church Building!

This past weekend they had a three day revival in Ixtlahuaca. We have never really had that many people in our Ixtlahuaca church (which was held in the people's living room). But recently we have had a few more people coming in. So my dad decided that it is now time to really focus on that work. So they rented a little building (for a 1000 pesos a month) to hold services in. So they started it off by having a three day revival. My dad went to Ixtlahuaca to hand out flyers and invite people to church.

The first night they had about ten visitors. And a lot of the people from our Toluca church made the hour long trip to go to church over there every night. And one visitor received the Holy Ghost! We are really praying that God will move in Ixtlahuaca. I can't wait to get back to Mexico!!! I miss it so bad! LOL!

This is the sign they had made for the revival! It says: "Iglesia de la Palabra de Dios." Which is our church name. "The Word of God Church" or "The Church of the Word of God." Which sounds better in english? I think the first one. Haha! It kind of sounds like a charismatic church name! Haha! Anyways, under that it says, "Apostolic in doctrine. Pentecostal in Worship (ok, it actually says experience ... but worship sounds better in english). Walking in holiness."

The church building with the church name painted on it!! So cool! Hehe!

Setting up the instruments!

There's always a light bulb to change!

Worship service!


Altar call.

My bro!! I miss him!

My wonderful parents!