Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Memphis ...

Memphis is still to this day one of my favorite cities! We got to go up there for a very dear friend's wedding! My sister and I love traveling so we were glad to get out of this little bitty town! But, of course, I was still sick when we left Friday at four a.m. And then I was experiencing a bout of car sickness ... YUCK! But by the time we got to Memphis I was feeling better. I got to drive into the city because everyone else was tired of driving. So I took my turn driving and ended up making a few Memphians mad! They were all yelling! LOL! Hey, and I drive good so I don't know what their problem was with me.

Anyways, we went to the rehearsal ('cause my sister was in the wedding) and we saw a couple of people who we knew. And then we went back to the hotel (after I convinced them to stop and eat at Steak n Shake! Hehe!). While I was unpacking my clothes and getting every thing out that I was going to wear I realized that I had left my black shirt behind. And I had to wear it the next day! So I called my sister and was like, "Guess what?" And, well, you know me ... I have to be dramatic! So I started yelling, "I don't have anything to wear tomorrow. I'm not going!" And I slam down the phone! Yeah, that's me in my dramatic moments! Oh, a funny thing was that my sister had actually left her bridesmaid dress at her house. But the good thing was that she remembered when we were only an hour away so she was able to go back and get it! Don't you just love forgetting things when you go out of town? NOT!

Anyways, the wedding was so beautiful! It made me want to cry! I am so happy that Amber got a good husband! She is one of those girls who is a genuine good person, beautiful on the inside and out. I mean, have you ever met one of those people who you just can't say anything bad about them? Well, that's her! I am so glad that I have friends like that! So a big shout out to W.D. and Amber Hilton! YAY!

Me ... fortunately I had my brown shirt with me. So I wore that instead of my black shirt that got left behind!

My beautiful sister and I.

Amber and her new husband shining! Well, I say that like she had an old husband ... which she didn't! :D

Me and the bride!

David and Kristen.

It was rather funny because Kristen had to sit at the table for all of the people who were in the wedding. So since David and I didn't know anyone we just sat together. So this girl was asking us all kinds of questions about where we were from. I turned to David and said, "Tell her that we're not married because I think she thinks I'm your wife!" It was so funny!! Hahaha!

Me again! Yes, I know y'all love to see my smiling face! ;)

A beautiful building!

Okay, we got into some not so pretty sides of Memphis. It was weird because there were all of these restaurants right by our hotel. But when we'd search for a certain restaurant on the GPS it would take us all the way across town to the ghetto! So we kept turning around like, "Uhhh, I don't think we should go down there!" I guess I am just a chicken. But I have a friend who lives in Memphis and he always tells me how dangerous it is so I keep that in my head!

We went to the zoo! I didn't even know that Memphis had a zoo. After all of these years that I have visited that place and I didn't even have a clue! And it was a beautiful zoo with pretty animals!

I thought this sign was cute! I was halfway through reading it and then I was like, "OHH, look, they have a word for every letter of the alphabet! ... Take a picture!"

TIGERS! My favorite animals in the world (well, besides wolves!).

Yes, I slowed down long enough to smell the flowers ... and they stunk!

Ain't goats so adorable?! I want one!

Kristen rubbing the Buddha for good luck!

A cool ... big lizard. Hmm, I have momentarily forgotten what they are called. :(

This is why I go to zoos!! To see the Pandas!


Nicole said...

Ohhh my wooord hahahaa... I can totally sympathize with you about you leaving your shirt behind... I mean my personal "tradition" (LOL) is that everytime we head off on a trip, like to deputize, or go to a conference, somehow my hanging clothes get left in my closet! Yeah. My HANGING clothes hahaha. Which of course happen to be my CHURCH clothes :))) But then when I remember them hanging in my closet, we will be like 2 hours from crossing the border :))) And then it's a mad dash to the nearest mall or dressbarn ;P I have had quite a few people roll their eyes and say "yeah, yeah" you know, like saying "yeah we're on to you, I bet you do that on purpose just to get a whole new wardrobe..." Yeah whateeever :)) I love new clothes but I DON'T forget them ON PURPOSE... talk about stress... :D Hahaa. Well, glad to see that you're enjoying yourself in the States :) Take care!

Dacia Loa said...

Haha! Yeah, you would think after all of the traveling
that you would remember everything! But, alas, it
is not so! :)