Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowflakes Fallin' On My Head ...

So guess what! It snowed a little itsy bitsy teeny tiny bit here. I was so excited! Snow makes me smile! I miss snow so much in Mexico since it does not snow there. So the few times that I have been back to the US in the winter I get excited when it snows! But, alas, it already stopped and it barely covered the ground. Oh well. It's cute anyways!

I was hugging the snow!

Kris ... my dorky sister!

So we were standing outside (at like 12:30 and we were blowing into the air!) SO I said, "Hey, you think it'd come out in a picture?" So I take one and we think it's all cool!

And then I asked Kris if she wanted one like that too. And she says, "I probably don't have enough hot air!" So we tested it! She obviously had plenty of hot air!

David and Kris being goofy!

So, anyways snow makes me smile!
Peace & Love
Miss Sunshine

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Kristen said...

Those pictures still make me laugh hard!