Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That Time Of The Year

Well, it's been quite awhile since I've written. I was going to post last week and then I got sick for three days (which was not fun 'cause I was like totally out of it). And then right after that we went to a friend's wedding in Memphis. So now I am forced to update with "old" news!

Every February Pastor Trevino comes down to Toluca to visit us. It's a tradition he started back when we moved to Toluca. So every year he comes down and usually brings some pastors with him. The past couple of years he has started bringing youth (which is really fun)!

This year there was a really good turn out at church. Lots of visitors showed up. And someone received the Holy Ghost every night! One of the people that received the Holy Ghost is someone who I have prayed for a long time! And all of the youth were renewed! God is so good! Oh, and the Wakefields from Puebla went to one of the services (I wish I had been there to hang out!!)!

Bro. Loa and Elder Wakefield! The missionarys of Mexico! It's always nice to know that we have fellow missionarys just across Mexico City!

Bro. Curtis Wakefield (also one of the missionarys of Mexico!).

Bro Wilson was there too!

All of the preachers that were there!

The girls who were there! Daisy, Cathy, Nicole, Bethany, Teresa, and Mary!

They had kid's church! So all of the kids loaded up in the church van to go over to our old church building!

The girls from Pastor Trevino's church aquishing in the van with the kids!

Teresa and Rosita!

Yaoska and the girls.

The kids!


The girls getting what they really needed ... more of God!!

Bro. Sosa!

Pastor Trevino!

Christopher (Bro Sosa's son) on the drums!

Bro. Marti

Bro. Aguilar

It looks like they had such a great time! I so wish I could've been there for it! Oh well! Some things in life cannot be helped! :D


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MezDaisy said...

It was such an awesome time this time around! I truly miss the church, Especially the worship!!! I cant wait to go next year for the 3rd time!!! Hopefully that your there too, lol