Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 23

~A picture of your favorite book~

I don't really have a favorite book. But this is one book that I really love a lot!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 22

~A picture of something you wish you were better at~

I wish I played the piano better.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Writin'

Right now I am just sitting around. I have been rather anxious all day because my iPod keeps informing me of the tornado watches and warnings in the surrounding counties. So far we our only under a tornado watch. I am always worried about tornadoes every time it rains in the US! I wish it was like Toluca. It rains every day there for six months straight but they don't have tornadoes.

Tornado paranoia is what caused me to download an app onto my iPod that sends me a warning every time there is a tornado watch or warning! It's pretty cool. I have enjoyed hearing the siren going off every time it sends me a warning!

So I have talked to two girls today from our church in Toluca and they both said that they miss me. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much! It feels good to be missed. I love it 'cause every time my brother calls me he tells me that he misses me and that it's boring without me! Hehe! I feel extra special when my brother tells me that. He is a guy of very few words (except when we are arguing)! And my parents, of course, miss me terribly. But they will be here for me within the next few weeks so I am excited! Finally, I will be back home. Well, who knows how soon that will actually be. The only problem is that now that I have been with my sister again I realize how much I have actually missed her. And now I will have to leave her to go back home.  :(

Well, I guess I will quit rambling.

Day 21

~A picture of something you wish you could forget~

Something I read earlier that made me feel very pessimistic. Oh well.

Just in case you wondered (which you probably didn't!)I didn't post day 20 because it was this:" Day 20 ~A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel~" And I think we already established where I'd love to travel. Australia. Although other possibilities include New York, the UK, or France, or pretty much any place that I have never been before! But I know that I will never go to these places, so why does it matter?! :D

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Death of ...

Tasha! My mum's parrot died today. My brother heard her making weird noises so he called my mum over. And then she just fell over onto the floor of her cage and died. No one was too sad. In fact, I have always disliked that bird. In fact, I dislike almost all birds just because birds are fickle. They are sweet one minute and the next the are about to bite your finger off.  And we have had a million different birds, so I suppose that all birds personalities are pretty much the same.

My mum wasn't too sad until I said, "Well, no more bird screaming: 'TASHA!' And then answering herself: 'WHAT?'" Then she said, "I hadn't thought of that." Poor mum. Oh well. The way I see it is ... now we will have some peace and quiet at home without that thing yelling it's head off all of the time (especially at 6:30 a.m.). It had such shrill noises. I definitely will not miss her. Of course, it did always say, "What?" every time my mum would call Jacob or me.

Screen shot from my iPod of the freshly dead bird. R.I.P.
Mum said, "Well, maybe she'll go to bird heaven. But she was mean and I don't think she ever repented."  Jacob said, "Mom, she's going straight to bird hell!"
Hahaha! Gotta love my family!

Jake also showed me the dopey dogs outside. They sneaked in the back door that he had left open without realizing it. And they were running around in the house! I miss them maniacs! My pets are both so wild. I always tell my family that I hope that is not an indication of what my kids will be like if I ever have any someday ... really far off. Lol. 'Cause I don't think I want any kids if they are going to be wild and rebellious like my pets. Hehe.

Anyways, I just thought that I'd share her death with all of you!

Day 19

~A picture and a letter~

I don't get this one at all ... does it mean a real letter or a letter like a,b,c,d? Hmmm. I choose the latter. Because it's faster, and I am lazy!

Can you guess what "s" stands for? Hint: It's what I am doing in the picture! Hahaha! Yeah, you guessed it! Sleep! 'Cause that's what I am fixing to do right now! Arg! I should really quit posting so late at night!

Day 18

~A picture of your biggest insecurity~

Me. That is my biggest insecurity. I am my own greatest hindrance. I look at myself as a very unlikeable person. And in my mind I believe that no one can ever love me. Because I am unlovable. My personality embarrasses me. And because I feel that way I tend to act a certain way.

I tend to be extremely shy, and I mean like unnaturally shy. And, yes, I do realize that. I have a hard time looking anyone in the eyes (although I have improved that quite a bit) and I when I am at a table with a bunch of people I almost always stare down at the table. I seem weird. Almost as if I have a personality disorder. And as I said before ... I do realize that I do all of these things. That is why I have been trying to work harder at not doing them. But I am still very far from where I want to be.

The funny thing is that I am NOT like that at all in Mexico in my own church. I am not shy at all. I am very friendly. Almost everyone loves me and thinks that I am very funny. I tend to be a whole lot more outgoing in our church. I make myself talk to the newer girls when they come. I hug everyone (well, the women! lol). And they all probably think I am a silly airhead because I talk almost non-stop! When I am at a table with a lot of people, I may not talk (because I get more self-conscious of my Spanish) but I do not stare at the table either.

So I look at the immense contrast between the different personalities I seem to have in the two different countries. And I realize that what my problem is is that in Mexico I feel comfortable. I don't worry about being accepted for who I am. But in the US I feel inferior to everyone. I see the girls at churches and I instantly feel like I am completely different from them. So then I feel like I am weird because I am the oddball. Thus, I feel inferior.

This is the absolute truth! That is why who I am is my biggest insecurity. Feeling as if I don't fit in, and being unable to be myself. And rejection because I am different is an inherent fear of mine! So next time you see me and I am all embarrassed, and I stare at the table of the ceiling, and blush 'cause people tease me or ask me questions ... just remember it's just because I feel stupid, and I think that you think that I am weird. Yeah, that's why I don't make friends very easily. :D

So maybe you wonder why I say these things on a blog that's supposed to be about Mexico. Well, I suppose I just want all of you people who have met me to understand why I am the way I am. I mean, I have gotten emails from a few people who have met me and the think that I disliked them or was offended by them. I guess it's just because they thought I was trying to ignore them when it's just that I am shy. And then I have others who think that I am stuck up. Neither of those are really the case. I am willing to be friends with anyone I meet. I just have to get over my shyness first! So if you think I am being too open ... I guess I just don't have a problem with being open about certain things (I think I get that from my dad). I just want all of you to know me for who I am, not who I seem to be when you meet me or see me. You know, I am probably the girl who always "seems" nice but no one really knows me because I am too shy to get to know. So for me this is a way for you to get to know me a little better! :)

This rule doesn't usually apply to guys. I tend to be less shy around guys. I am usually me around guys. So if you are a guy and I act really shy around you ... it's probably 'cause I like you! Hehe. But I don't have many crushes ... so no worries! ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Into the Mountains

My dad took some of the guys hiking/camping in the mountains. My brother and dad love to do this kind of thing. SIGH! I do too! But I was talking to my dad and brother before the trip and I said, "I wanna go camping, daddy!" And he said, "Camping isn't for girls." Well, I got all mad (it was the feminist spirit rising in me)! But then my brother said, "He means, hiking." So although I was still upset over that insensitive comment I decided to let it go instead of argue the point (like I am famous for doing ... one day I shall change! I promise!).

So, anyways, only a few of the guys/men were able to go. And I think they got rained on a bit. I wonder if they ended up eating grub worms like they did last time?? And I wonder how cold it was? I know last time they froze, almost to death ... 'cause most of them didn't take and blankets or anything! Well, I hope they had fun! Here are a few pictures my brother took!


Somewhere along the line my dad just had to rest!

"Rain, rain, go away! Come again some other day ..."

My brother in his Army apparel! I think he's obsessed with camouflage

Time to rest!

Before the fire.


Okay, so I heard a story from back home today that just made me say, "WOW!"
Actually, I don't know if I am supposed to write about it, but I don't see why not. Lol. Okay, so we have some men in our church who run different taco shops. Well, they have to go to Mexico City to get their pigs that they cook. So on the way there in the morning, a man in our church was pulled over by the police. They proceeded to put a gun to his head and rob him. They took twenty thousand pesos that he had on him (to buy the meat) and the keys to his truck. So are you thinking what I am thinking? That is outrageous! Preposterous! I mean, come on! The police did it? Mexico sure has a strange police force. Talk about twisted and evil. SIGH! The amazing thing is that they didn't blow his brains all the way to the moon. But we all know why that is! God spared him. I mean, how else do you get out of a situation like that, alive! Goodness, if someone were to put a gun to my head ... I'd probably die from a heart attack! Hehe. Okay, I suppose this isn't really a laughing matter! But, anyways, thank God for His protection and always watching out for those who serve Him! :D

Au revoir!

Day 17

~A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life lately~

Being in the US has been very different. I think I now have a greater appreciation for my family and our church. I have always known that the US is really different. I mean, I remember living here when I was young. But I don't guess I had ever realized how much growing up in Mexico has molded me and shaped me into someone way different than American girls. But I do love my country. And I will be happy the day I come back. But I am not ready to rush to that day. I am content to stay in Mexico for awhile longer. Because, honestly, I don't know how I will ever survive without our church. I must say ... we have the BEST church in the world! :D

Something Terrible

I forgot to tell all of you! You know what? I have poison ivy. So I am really annoyed! I have had it for like a week now and it just keeps spreading. I'm like, "Why me? Why me!? What did I do to deserve it??" Nothing. I did nothing. I didn't even go outside. I have been inside this whole time. Usually when I get this stuff it's because I have been outside in some woods. My sister and mum said that the dog probably brought it inside.

I think I have gotten poison ivy almost every year of my life since I turned six. And they don't have it in Toluca. You can climb all over the mountains and never get it (I guess those plants don't grow there), but, alas, that has never stopped me from getting it every time I come to the US. Okay, I haven't actually gotten it for a couple of years now. I used to get it because I would go to my cousin's house and we would go jump on dilapidated buildings, climb trees, and go chase after the boys in the woods. And I don't mean random boys. I mean, our brothers. Lol.

They have a creek near their house. But you have to walk like an a mile in trees and thorns, under an electric fence, into a pasture with cows to get there. And everytime we would go out there ... both my brother and I would go back home with the stuff, which annoyed our parents! So I finally decided to never go back out there because I got tired of having poison ivy. I do miss those times though. That creek is where my cousins taught me how to swim (although not very good ... lol). And then when we got out of the water I looked down and I had a couple of leaves stuck to my skin. So I tried brushing them off. Turned out that they weren't leaves but, rather, leeches. We had them all over us and had to jerk them out of our skin. It was pretty cool!

It looked just like that!

Okay, I know I am rambling. But everyone is asleep and I am kind of bored ... and itchy. :(
Anyways, I will quit gabbing now!
Au revoir!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 16

~A picture of someone who inspires you~

Well, truthfully ... no one inspires me. Inspiration come from within ... or maybe not! I'm just trying to sound philosophical!

OKAY! I have been thinking about this for an hour now. I still can't think of anyone who inspires me, per se. I mean, there are so many people I could choose.

I could start with Christophorus Colombo/Cristobal Colon, or as us Americans call him: Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus, born in Genoa (in Italy), who sailed on his first voyage with the three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria, to discover new lands. And although we know he was not the first person to "discover" them, he is accredited for it. Imagine, day after day at sea, not knowing when you will ever see land again. Or if you were about to fall off the face of the earth (hehe). But then they heard the shout, "Land!" And Christopher claimed the land for Spain!

Or what about my all-time favorite, Paul Revere, the Boston silversmith.

Many people may not know that much about him. But he rode the famous "midnight ride" for freedom. Sounding the alarm to the countryside that the British were coming, at the start of the revolutionary war. The colonies fought against their motherland for freedom! And they got it! But think of Paul Revere. He rode a dangerous ride. The redcoats were patroling the roads. He was even caught at one point. But he didn't give up. He was on a mission for freedom!

" Listen, my children, and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year "
-excerpt from "The Midnight Ride" by Henry W. Longfellow.

I could go on and on listing people that I have read about. But one thing I see in common with all of the stories I have swirling in my head is one word: Perseverance.
Never give up. Quiting is not an option. I like that. :D

So I wouldn't really call them my inspiration. But I guess it's something similar, anyways.

For My Mom

Okay, so this is five days late, but i meant to post this on the actual day. I just forgot. My dear mum had a birthday! She is now ... one year older than last year! I felt bad not being there for her birthday because mum's are special! But, hey, she wasn't here for my birthday so I guess we're even!
So, anyways, Happy Belated Birthday to the BEST mum in the entire universe! I LOVE YOU!

The people at church threw her a birthday party ... which was a sweet thing for them to do. And it made my mum really happy. It's nice when they show their appreciation for my mum. I mean, they throw a party for the Pastor every year. But without a faithful, godly, meek, supportive wife ... the Pastor wouldn't be in Mexico. :D

Day 15

~A picture of something you want to do before you die~

Hmmm ... this is a tough one.

Well, I want to go to Australia. And meet a handsome Aussie, fall in love and live there for the rest of my life! Hehe. See, I love their accents! :D
Okay ... I can dream, right??

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 14

~A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without~

My family!! And, yes, I do realize that I am in the picture! But how could I live without myself? ;)

Day 13

~A picture of your favorite band or artist~

Yes, Leeland is my favorite. It's very moving music. I have sat in my room many a times with tears streaming down my face because of this music. And not because I'm sad ... Lol!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 11

~A picture of something you hate~

Hmmm ... they are two things that I really hate! It's hard for me to choose which one I hate more. So I wil just put a picture of both of them.


Camel crickets.

Thankfully I have never seen them in Toluca. But the big roaches live in my sister's house. Well, in every house in Texas. And just last night I found one in the bathroom when I went to take a shower. See, I always survey the room to make sure there aren't any hiding in there. And sure enough, there he was hiding behind a cup. I went over to my brother-in-law and I used my best puppy-dog eyes (the ones I always use on my dad and brother). I said, "David ... can I ask one BIG favor?" He rolls his eyes, "What????" Me, "There's a BIIIG roach in the bathroom!" He went to go capture it. But instead of killing the stupid thing ... he flushed it down the toilet! I said, "Now it's just going to crawl back up in the shower ... while I am in there!" I guess, if you heard a scream and saw someone flying out of there you know what happened!!! Heehee!

Day 10

~A picture of the person you do the most things with~

For the first seventeen years of my life I was always with my sister. We always shared a room. And right now I've been with her for a few months. So she's definitely the one I have been doing the most stuff with lately!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 9

~A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most~

Well, the one who has gotten me through the most is Jesus. I don't know where I'd be without His love and mercy! I'd no doubt be evil! Hehe.

For those of you who don't know, I received the Holy Ghost when I was eighteen. It will barely be two years in July. I don't really know why it took me so long. I was always such a sincere and good girl (well, when I was younger anyways! lol). But I suppose God always has a reason and purpose for everything. Maybe it was because I never wanted to surrender my own will. That's what happens when you are a stubborn, hard-headed girl.

Do you want to hear the story behind how I received the Holy Ghost? Yes, I heard all of your shouts saying, "Yes, tell us, Dacia!" So I shall. Well, it all started when my sister got married. Things just began to get unbearable for me in Mexico. People who I thought were my friends were suddenly very hostile towards me. And now that I look back I see that although I really did not do anything to deserve it ... perhaps my attitude was a bit ... stinky, shall we say? I just hated everyone. I was ready to leave Mexico. I hated it.

At the same time I had this guy who we decided to "go out." Although we never actually went anywhere. And I did not tell my parents until later. Well, they were a little bit upset. But I didn't care. Well, this guy and I barely made it for like one month and he tells me, "I can't be your boyfriend anymore. We're going about this the wrong way. And I have been praying and ... I never see you in the altar. You don't have the Holy Ghost and I do. I think that you really need to be seeking God more." And he just ... "broke up" with me (It was June 25th ... how do I remember? 'Cause that was the same night that Michael Jackson died! Hahahaha!).

Well, needless to say, I was "heartbroken." But more than that I felt so desperate. I mean, it suddenly hit me, "Man, no guy is ever going to want to go out with you 'cause you don't have the Holy Ghost." Well, I was just so sad at the time that I began praying in my room everyday. It felt as if my whole world had crumbled. I had no friends at the time and my "boyfriend" had just broke up with me. I was so unhappy. I was ... miserable. Well, everyday I would just lay on my floor and weep and pray and tell God that I was really ready to give Him everything. And ten days after the 25th, on a Sunday (when my whole family was at church and I was at home alone) ... I received the Holy Ghost! All by myself, in my room! It was wonderful! I was like, "How in the world have I survived all of the years without God?"

So there's my story. And I know it sounds rather shallow. Because it sounds like a guy breaking my heart was the only reason I finally gave God my all. But the truth is that I was on the edge. I was fixing to fall over into a darkness that would've consumed me. I might have grown up in church and been a good pastor's daughter. I might've played the part. But I came so close to just throwing it all away and turning my back on God. When I think about it I realize that God stepped in right on time. He knew what I could and couldn't handle. He realized that I was finally at that point where I just couldn't take anymore. All I needed was one more blow and I would crack. And then He could step in and save the day. It's amazing! God is really awesome!

Okay, there! So Jesus is the One who has gotten me through the most! :D
And, well, we have no picture of Him. So this is a pictureless picture challenge post! Hehe!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 8

~A picture that always makes you laugh~

Okay, it's not really this exact picture. But the one I have is a cat with a funny caption too. But that one is at my home in Mexico in my wallet ... where it's been since I was like ten years old! So this one is just as funny! :D