Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 9

~A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most~

Well, the one who has gotten me through the most is Jesus. I don't know where I'd be without His love and mercy! I'd no doubt be evil! Hehe.

For those of you who don't know, I received the Holy Ghost when I was eighteen. It will barely be two years in July. I don't really know why it took me so long. I was always such a sincere and good girl (well, when I was younger anyways! lol). But I suppose God always has a reason and purpose for everything. Maybe it was because I never wanted to surrender my own will. That's what happens when you are a stubborn, hard-headed girl.

Do you want to hear the story behind how I received the Holy Ghost? Yes, I heard all of your shouts saying, "Yes, tell us, Dacia!" So I shall. Well, it all started when my sister got married. Things just began to get unbearable for me in Mexico. People who I thought were my friends were suddenly very hostile towards me. And now that I look back I see that although I really did not do anything to deserve it ... perhaps my attitude was a bit ... stinky, shall we say? I just hated everyone. I was ready to leave Mexico. I hated it.

At the same time I had this guy who we decided to "go out." Although we never actually went anywhere. And I did not tell my parents until later. Well, they were a little bit upset. But I didn't care. Well, this guy and I barely made it for like one month and he tells me, "I can't be your boyfriend anymore. We're going about this the wrong way. And I have been praying and ... I never see you in the altar. You don't have the Holy Ghost and I do. I think that you really need to be seeking God more." And he just ... "broke up" with me (It was June 25th ... how do I remember? 'Cause that was the same night that Michael Jackson died! Hahahaha!).

Well, needless to say, I was "heartbroken." But more than that I felt so desperate. I mean, it suddenly hit me, "Man, no guy is ever going to want to go out with you 'cause you don't have the Holy Ghost." Well, I was just so sad at the time that I began praying in my room everyday. It felt as if my whole world had crumbled. I had no friends at the time and my "boyfriend" had just broke up with me. I was so unhappy. I was ... miserable. Well, everyday I would just lay on my floor and weep and pray and tell God that I was really ready to give Him everything. And ten days after the 25th, on a Sunday (when my whole family was at church and I was at home alone) ... I received the Holy Ghost! All by myself, in my room! It was wonderful! I was like, "How in the world have I survived all of the years without God?"

So there's my story. And I know it sounds rather shallow. Because it sounds like a guy breaking my heart was the only reason I finally gave God my all. But the truth is that I was on the edge. I was fixing to fall over into a darkness that would've consumed me. I might have grown up in church and been a good pastor's daughter. I might've played the part. But I came so close to just throwing it all away and turning my back on God. When I think about it I realize that God stepped in right on time. He knew what I could and couldn't handle. He realized that I was finally at that point where I just couldn't take anymore. All I needed was one more blow and I would crack. And then He could step in and save the day. It's amazing! God is really awesome!

Okay, there! So Jesus is the One who has gotten me through the most! :D
And, well, we have no picture of Him. So this is a pictureless picture challenge post! Hehe!

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