Thursday, April 21, 2011

For My Mom

Okay, so this is five days late, but i meant to post this on the actual day. I just forgot. My dear mum had a birthday! She is now ... one year older than last year! I felt bad not being there for her birthday because mum's are special! But, hey, she wasn't here for my birthday so I guess we're even!
So, anyways, Happy Belated Birthday to the BEST mum in the entire universe! I LOVE YOU!

The people at church threw her a birthday party ... which was a sweet thing for them to do. And it made my mum really happy. It's nice when they show their appreciation for my mum. I mean, they throw a party for the Pastor every year. But without a faithful, godly, meek, supportive wife ... the Pastor wouldn't be in Mexico. :D

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