Friday, April 22, 2011

Into the Mountains

My dad took some of the guys hiking/camping in the mountains. My brother and dad love to do this kind of thing. SIGH! I do too! But I was talking to my dad and brother before the trip and I said, "I wanna go camping, daddy!" And he said, "Camping isn't for girls." Well, I got all mad (it was the feminist spirit rising in me)! But then my brother said, "He means, hiking." So although I was still upset over that insensitive comment I decided to let it go instead of argue the point (like I am famous for doing ... one day I shall change! I promise!).

So, anyways, only a few of the guys/men were able to go. And I think they got rained on a bit. I wonder if they ended up eating grub worms like they did last time?? And I wonder how cold it was? I know last time they froze, almost to death ... 'cause most of them didn't take and blankets or anything! Well, I hope they had fun! Here are a few pictures my brother took!


Somewhere along the line my dad just had to rest!

"Rain, rain, go away! Come again some other day ..."

My brother in his Army apparel! I think he's obsessed with camouflage

Time to rest!

Before the fire.


Okay, so I heard a story from back home today that just made me say, "WOW!"
Actually, I don't know if I am supposed to write about it, but I don't see why not. Lol. Okay, so we have some men in our church who run different taco shops. Well, they have to go to Mexico City to get their pigs that they cook. So on the way there in the morning, a man in our church was pulled over by the police. They proceeded to put a gun to his head and rob him. They took twenty thousand pesos that he had on him (to buy the meat) and the keys to his truck. So are you thinking what I am thinking? That is outrageous! Preposterous! I mean, come on! The police did it? Mexico sure has a strange police force. Talk about twisted and evil. SIGH! The amazing thing is that they didn't blow his brains all the way to the moon. But we all know why that is! God spared him. I mean, how else do you get out of a situation like that, alive! Goodness, if someone were to put a gun to my head ... I'd probably die from a heart attack! Hehe. Okay, I suppose this isn't really a laughing matter! But, anyways, thank God for His protection and always watching out for those who serve Him! :D

Au revoir!


Ashlyn said...

That's awful about the man in your church!
And you brother. Haha! Wow! He looks like an army man! Haha minus the hat;)

Dacia Loa said...

Yeah, it's pretty crazy some of the things that happen down there! ... And my bro does need a hat! I actually think he might have one ... or maybe not!