Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 11

~A picture of something you hate~

Hmmm ... they are two things that I really hate! It's hard for me to choose which one I hate more. So I wil just put a picture of both of them.


Camel crickets.

Thankfully I have never seen them in Toluca. But the big roaches live in my sister's house. Well, in every house in Texas. And just last night I found one in the bathroom when I went to take a shower. See, I always survey the room to make sure there aren't any hiding in there. And sure enough, there he was hiding behind a cup. I went over to my brother-in-law and I used my best puppy-dog eyes (the ones I always use on my dad and brother). I said, "David ... can I ask one BIG favor?" He rolls his eyes, "What????" Me, "There's a BIIIG roach in the bathroom!" He went to go capture it. But instead of killing the stupid thing ... he flushed it down the toilet! I said, "Now it's just going to crawl back up in the shower ... while I am in there!" I guess, if you heard a scream and saw someone flying out of there you know what happened!!! Heehee!

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Hannah said...

Ooooo I hate those!!!