Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Writin'

Right now I am just sitting around. I have been rather anxious all day because my iPod keeps informing me of the tornado watches and warnings in the surrounding counties. So far we our only under a tornado watch. I am always worried about tornadoes every time it rains in the US! I wish it was like Toluca. It rains every day there for six months straight but they don't have tornadoes.

Tornado paranoia is what caused me to download an app onto my iPod that sends me a warning every time there is a tornado watch or warning! It's pretty cool. I have enjoyed hearing the siren going off every time it sends me a warning!

So I have talked to two girls today from our church in Toluca and they both said that they miss me. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much! It feels good to be missed. I love it 'cause every time my brother calls me he tells me that he misses me and that it's boring without me! Hehe! I feel extra special when my brother tells me that. He is a guy of very few words (except when we are arguing)! And my parents, of course, miss me terribly. But they will be here for me within the next few weeks so I am excited! Finally, I will be back home. Well, who knows how soon that will actually be. The only problem is that now that I have been with my sister again I realize how much I have actually missed her. And now I will have to leave her to go back home.  :(

Well, I guess I will quit rambling.


hannah said...

:'( im gonna cry when u leave!!!! I have gotten pretty close to you!

Dacia Loa said...

Aw, that's sweet! But there's no need to cry! Lol. As long as my sister lives here I will always be back to visit! :D