Friday, April 22, 2011

Something Terrible

I forgot to tell all of you! You know what? I have poison ivy. So I am really annoyed! I have had it for like a week now and it just keeps spreading. I'm like, "Why me? Why me!? What did I do to deserve it??" Nothing. I did nothing. I didn't even go outside. I have been inside this whole time. Usually when I get this stuff it's because I have been outside in some woods. My sister and mum said that the dog probably brought it inside.

I think I have gotten poison ivy almost every year of my life since I turned six. And they don't have it in Toluca. You can climb all over the mountains and never get it (I guess those plants don't grow there), but, alas, that has never stopped me from getting it every time I come to the US. Okay, I haven't actually gotten it for a couple of years now. I used to get it because I would go to my cousin's house and we would go jump on dilapidated buildings, climb trees, and go chase after the boys in the woods. And I don't mean random boys. I mean, our brothers. Lol.

They have a creek near their house. But you have to walk like an a mile in trees and thorns, under an electric fence, into a pasture with cows to get there. And everytime we would go out there ... both my brother and I would go back home with the stuff, which annoyed our parents! So I finally decided to never go back out there because I got tired of having poison ivy. I do miss those times though. That creek is where my cousins taught me how to swim (although not very good ... lol). And then when we got out of the water I looked down and I had a couple of leaves stuck to my skin. So I tried brushing them off. Turned out that they weren't leaves but, rather, leeches. We had them all over us and had to jerk them out of our skin. It was pretty cool!

It looked just like that!

Okay, I know I am rambling. But everyone is asleep and I am kind of bored ... and itchy. :(
Anyways, I will quit gabbing now!
Au revoir!

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