Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Hangin' Out

My parents finally came back for me! I guess I only actually stayed four months with my sister. And I totally could've stayed for six. Oh well. It was good to see my parents again! But I realized that I didn't miss them all that much. Okay, that sounds terrible, but it's the 100% amen truth.

So I just hung out with my parents all last week until they left for a trip. Then my brother and I came over here to stay with my sister. I am sure that my sister doesn't mind, but I probably drive my brother-in-law insane! *Grin*

Yesterday my brother and I went to hang out with two girls from the church here. Hannah and Holly. They are two very nice girls. But for some reason I keep calling them Hollah and Hanny! Hehe. Anyways, we ate pizza, talked, and played tennis (well, sorta). And then the best part of all. We got ice cream!! Dairy Queen! And I managed to spill ice all over Hannah. Talk about feeling dumb! Lol! But, of course, it just made me laugh really hard. But I tried to contain my laughter.

So now I am just waiting for my parents to get back and we might be traveling around ... I might go. I might not. It all just depends. :D

FYI: I am so bored with blogging! And I am getting more annoyed every cotton-pickin' time I try to upload photos. They will never upload. It takes like a hundred hours. ARG!

Austin, where I was born! :)
Obama (my bro drew it) ... and my shoes.




My bro.

Ohhh. We just got the news this morning that my great-grandmother, Juana, left this earth. She was in her 90's, I think. And she was always very sweet to us. She would never speak a word of English to anyone (she was a very stubborn woman), and she liked to act like she didn't understand it. But when it came to my brother, my sister, and I, she would hug us and say, "I love you." In English. But my grandparents were just getting too old themselves to take care of her anymore. So she had to go to a nursing home. And now she's gone.

This is me, abuelita Juana, and Kris. We were way young back then.

Peace, Love, and Sunshine!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Last Two Days

Day 29 ~A picture that can always make you smile~

Day 30 ~A picture of someone you miss~

If you remember (if you've even been keeping up with all of these) I already put up a picture that always makes me smile! :D

And a picture of someone I miss ... well, that one is easy. I don't miss anyone. I can be happy and content wherever I am. Okay, that might be a lie. But I really don't ever miss anyone! That's just how I am. :)

Whew! I am glad to be done with that ... picture challenge! It was getting to be quite boring! But as I said, it made me feel better that I was posting more! But now my parents are here in the US. So I will get to see them tomorrow. So don't fret! I will be back in Mexico soon!

Oh, I have a prayer request! We have this lady in our church and she has hepatitis (I think). She has been very sick and it looks like she might pass on ... to be with Jesus. Well, her daughter is a friend of mine and I really don't want to see that happen to that family. I know that it's probably better off on us humans if we just get out of this life. But that knowledge does't make it any easier for the family who is left behind. So if everyone could please pray for Sis. Angelina, please do.

Okay, adios and Feliz Cinco De Mayo! :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Weekend ...

Last Friday we went to Sea World! Now I know some people have different views on these things. Some people don't like amusement parks at all. And some people will allow some of them but not others. So I hope Sea World does not offend any of you! Because I am happy to report that about 90% of the people were clothed and in their right mind. Hehe.

I had fun. I hadn't been there since I was a really little kid. So I didn't really remember it at all. We got on a few of the rides and went to all of the shows. I have noticed that every time I get on a rollercoaster now that I get more scared each time. See, I am really afraid of heights! So why do I get on them? I guess because I like to be scared out of my wits! But, of course, after the first drop when your heart jumps to your throat and your tummy does that weird butterfly feeling thing it's no longer scary! And then I can sit back and enjoy the ride ... until the next ride when it starts all over again and I am sitting there praying, "God, just get me off this ride alive!" Well, I'm still alive. And I should probably quit praying each time because God will probably grow bored with them over the years and we might just hear His voice bellowing out of the sky someday, "For goodness sakes, you wimp, just quit getting on the rides!" Hahaha!

Anyways, here are some pictures!

Kristen and David.

Shamu! Shamu! Shamu!


I love sea otters! I want one!

I like this picture. That's one brave little turtle. I guess alligators don't eat turtles!

I got to feed a seal! Yay!

Kris bought the fishes though!

This seal had it right! Everyone was feeding him!

We went downtown San Antonio to the Riverwalk.

I had always imagined it way different than it was.

This picture ... :D

We ate at The County Line. There's a story behind why we wanted to eat there (but I don't feel like telling it!).


Day 28

~A picture of something of which you are afraid~


Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 27

~A picture of yourself and a family member~

Kris and I when we were little!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 26

~A picture of something that means a lot to you~

I feel as if I have already done this one. Oh well, there are two other things that mean a lot to me! But I don't have a picture of them together because one would eat the other. :D
(Yeah, this is kind of an old picture. I was like 18! Lol)

Baxter and Chester, my two sons! You they are both very wild and crazy. But I love them anyways!

(Day 25 = A picture of your favorite day. But I already did that one!)

Day 24

~A picture of something you wish you could change~

Hmmm ...

... my addiction to soda. I know soda is bad for you, but the way I see it ... so is everything else. And if I don't get cancer from soda I'll get it from something else! :D