Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us (II)

Here's the rest of those pictures that I promised to post! I still couldn't find all of the ones that I wanted. Oh well. These will have to do. I laughed though because I realized that my dad is not in any of them. I guess because he's the one who took most of these pictures!

This is where it all started. In our little church in Sebree, Kentucky. One couple ended up witnessing to their families down here in Toluca. And violá! Here we are!

"This house is Catholic."  ... Well, that all changed!

This is the house where that sign was hanging. And that's where we held our church services for about six or eight months. Isn't it funny? We started with pink walls and now we have pink walls again! Lol!

Then we were able to build our church building! Well, not us, but some albaniles (construction workers)!

My dad took our picture there ... we were so young! AWWW!

Our first services in our building!

The very first "conference" that we went to in Puebla.

These are people that retouch up idols and baby "Jesus.'" It's all about idolatry here.

A house that we were going to live in one time. Actually, it's like two seperate buildings. They had big holes in the walls and rats. My mum didn't want to live there which is why (I think) why we didn't end up moving there. But us kids loved it. It was all like a big adventure for us. Because it was located on a mountain. I really wish we would've moved there because I'd probably have some good stories to tell.

Kristen learned how to sew from one of the women in the church. Originally I went along to learn too. But I soon became uninterested because I was very boyish back then and wanted to be out playing instead. So I dropped out!

Jacob talking to his best friend, in the US, on the phone.

The first time we ever went to the Teotihuacan pyramids (I wore such dorky clothes back then)!

My mum!! :D

Some indians from Chiapas. They sold such cool stuff!

Okay, that's all!
Dacia Loa

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us (I)

Nine years ago this month we moved to Mexico! And what a crazy life we have had since then! To me it is amazing to sit down and actually think about it. Wow! Nine years! Nine years of living in a foreign country. And did you know that after all of these years I kind of speak English incorrectly. You get used to the way they talk backwards around here and then you sort of apply that to your English also. My family and I laugh about that all of the time.

Last week we had our nine year anniversary services. Pastor Trevino was here (he's always faithful). And he brought along Bro. Gaines from Indiana. And the Gonzalez family was also here! We had a very good time and very good services! I am disappointed to report that no one received the Holy Ghost. We have so many people who need it so bad. I must say, there are a few of them who look to me as if they speak in tongues, but they have yet to confess it with their own mouth.

The first night when everyone arrived we went to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen. We now have one here in Toluca. I had never eaten there before in my life. But trust me ... I never want to go again. If I am going to eat pizza give me REAL pizza. I ain't talkin' about that original junk from Italy. Give me the thick crust with tomato sauce and tons of cheese and grease. Of course, I didn't even eat  pizza so I don't know why I am going on about the pizza! I ate ravioli's. And so my second rant is that if I am going to eat Italian give me Carino's or Fazoli's (yeah, I love that place!!). Let just suffice it to say that I will NEVER eat there again. Well, not of my own free will.

Outside CPK

Meeee ... ready for church the next day!

We had a women's session.

Sis. Gonzalez taught it! I heard that she did a really good job (I wasn't there ... 'cause I never attend the sessions. Is that wrong?).

Juan Carlos singing! He's becoming our newest and best singer! Go Juan!

Bro. Gaines preached that night. Pastor Trevino had to translate because Bro. Gaines said that he only knows two hundred Spanish words.
Bro. Gaines did a tremendous job. He spoke about the three secrets to receiving the Holy Ghost.
You've got to tell God three things (and really mean it).
1. I'll do whatever You want me to do.
2. I'll go where ever You want me to go.
3. I'll give up whatever You want me to give up.

The second day men's session.

Bro. Gonzalez taught them.

Pastor Trevino preached that night. He preached about the Holy Ghost also. And he said that there's one thing people always do (according to a study), we always confuse thirst with hunger. And he compared it to the people in this world who are so thirsty for the living water, that only God can give us, but they confuse it for hunger. And so instead of seeking for God they search for everything in this world that can "fill" that void.

The last service we had a baby dedication. Abraham and Karen presented their little girl to the Lord. I don't know her name. We have so many babies in our church that it's hard to keep track. And on top of that the women here change their babies names about a million times before they actually settle on one. I guess they don't have to have a name as soon as they are born.

Praying for the parents!

 Our church ... look, there's me!  :)

Bro. Gonzalez preached that night about passing the ... everyone was calling it a baton in English. So "Passing The Baton To The Next Generation."

This is one of the men who needs the Holy Ghost and already seems to have received it but we are not sure!

Bro. Francisco

One night after church we went to eat at Toks!

Me and Cesiah (I always have to have my annual picture with her!).

Israel and Jacob.

Jacob and Cesiah ... playing some sort of racing thing in the kids area! Haha!

The sign in the door was supposed to have an age limit ... but the age wasn't there ... so we went on in!

Outside of Toks. Sis. Gonzalez, my mum, me, and Cesiah!

The very last night after service the people from "el terreno" wanted us to go eat at their house (well, really in our old church building). I always feel so bad because the women never sit down at the table to eat. I know that's just the way they do things here. But it always feels awkward to be at the table eating while they are serving. I think they should just start making everyone get their own food ... instead of acting like they are slaves of something.

The preachers' table.

Los hermanos. The brothers.

Abel, Alex, and Jacob

I had a picture of Cesiah and I, but for some reason my computer won't upload them.

Now to get to some OLD, random pictures that I wanted to put on here to remember when we first came here. And if you'll look at the title of this post it is numbered as number 1, of course. Because I am going to upload more tomorrow because I don't have time right now. I have to get up really early tomorrow because we are having Vacation Bible School for the kids right now (they just got out of school). Although I am thinking that I may be sick tomorrow. I feel like I am coming down with the stomach virus or whatever is passing around right now. UGH! Anyways, sorry for rambling. I guess I go into too much detail sometimes. It's heriditary. My dad does that all of the time. And I am just like my dad. Lol.

See us. Country bumpkins! Okay, this is actually a really old picture from when we lived in Kentucky, but I just had to put  it up to show everyone how dorky we were as kids.
Kris, Me, and Jake.

This was right before we moved here. Like one month before, I couldn't find the one with my dad in it though. So I just had to use this one. Me, 11. Kris, 13. Jacob, 9. And my mum. (I laugh because after all of these years they sometimes still use one of these pictures on our flyers ... we are definitely NOT that small anymore)!

When we moved to Mexico we had to get rid of our pets. This was my baby, Big Boy. We used to have a million cats, you see. They were the only thing that survived in our house back then. Our dogs would always die of parvo. And the very last dog we had got hit right before we moved to Mexico ... talk about fate. HEHE!

But as soon as we arrived in Mexico my dad saw how sad we were from having to leave our country, friends, and pets, so he took us to go buy a puppy (without my mum's knowledge). Our little schnauzer, Shadow ... my sister still has him.

Karla, Me, Tania, and Kristen

Jacob and I in the Penuela. It's a beautiful place up in the mountains outside of Toluca where a bunch of country Mexicans live. It's really funny. We used to go hiking up there all of the time!


On my fifteenth birthday.

Gaby, Miranda, Me, and Kristen.
In Chiapas (a state waaaay down south). We took a friend from the US with us and a girl from our church. We decided to dress weird and go walk around town!


One of our birds, Sammy. What a sweet mean bird he was. I hate birds because they are too fickle. One minute they love you and the next they are ready to peck your eyes out.

A baby rat that I accidentally caught in the washing room one time!

Okay. This post is To Be Continued! So look for it soon! Maybe tomorrow. No, wait. We have church tomorrow and I am going to be at the church all day with the kids (unless I get sick). But it will be here soon! I  promise ... cross my heart and hope to die. NOT! I had my fingers crossed as I wrote that! :D

Okay, hasta la vista ... or ... hasta manana ... or hasta luego!
Miss Sunshine ... a.k.a. Dacia Loa