Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary To Us (II)

Here's the rest of those pictures that I promised to post! I still couldn't find all of the ones that I wanted. Oh well. These will have to do. I laughed though because I realized that my dad is not in any of them. I guess because he's the one who took most of these pictures!

This is where it all started. In our little church in Sebree, Kentucky. One couple ended up witnessing to their families down here in Toluca. And violá! Here we are!

"This house is Catholic."  ... Well, that all changed!

This is the house where that sign was hanging. And that's where we held our church services for about six or eight months. Isn't it funny? We started with pink walls and now we have pink walls again! Lol!

Then we were able to build our church building! Well, not us, but some albaniles (construction workers)!

My dad took our picture there ... we were so young! AWWW!

Our first services in our building!

The very first "conference" that we went to in Puebla.

These are people that retouch up idols and baby "Jesus.'" It's all about idolatry here.

A house that we were going to live in one time. Actually, it's like two seperate buildings. They had big holes in the walls and rats. My mum didn't want to live there which is why (I think) why we didn't end up moving there. But us kids loved it. It was all like a big adventure for us. Because it was located on a mountain. I really wish we would've moved there because I'd probably have some good stories to tell.

Kristen learned how to sew from one of the women in the church. Originally I went along to learn too. But I soon became uninterested because I was very boyish back then and wanted to be out playing instead. So I dropped out!

Jacob talking to his best friend, in the US, on the phone.

The first time we ever went to the Teotihuacan pyramids (I wore such dorky clothes back then)!

My mum!! :D

Some indians from Chiapas. They sold such cool stuff!

Okay, that's all!
Dacia Loa


Kristen said...

crazy seeing those old pictures! Brought a tear to my cheek!

Dacia Loa said...

LOL! Me too! NOT!