Friday, July 15, 2011

Post #2

So I'm back in Mexico now. We got back a few weeks ago. So far nothing too exciting has happened. So far I have just been sitting here wishing that I was back in the US. So far my dad is saying that we will not be going back for a whole year. A whole year?! I might die! TACO BELL! How can I go an entire year without eating chalupas? SIGH!

So the other day my dad took me and Lupita downtown to see a classical guitarist! My dad wanted my mum to go, but she thinks classical music is boring. So I took Lupita. I must say, it was beautiful. And I was inspired to pick my guitar back up! Man, it's been so long since I have played!

Here are some pictures.

My wonderful daddy!

Life is never complete without an self-portrait!


You know how they always say not to take pictures? But then you see everyone else taking pictures. And so then you sneak your camera out and take a picture. Well, that's what I did! 


Monday the youth wanted to have practice. Several of them got involved singing while I was gone. Well, at first we had several people going and then it just ended up being my brother, Juan, Miguel, Lorenzo, and me. Does it seem suspicious to anyone that no one seemed to want to go after they knew I was going to be there? ... Okay, maybe that's just my overactive imagination! Oh well, I had more fun just hanging out with the guys. Girls put such a damper on everything!


Me and Lorenzo

Juan ... the slowpoke.


This week my dad has been gone to Veracruz preaching. He is just getting back today. I wish he would hurry up and get home because I am starving! But, anyways, sorry about this lame post. But that's my life: LAME!

Next week we are having our July special services. So maybe something exciting will happen. Hopefully ...

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Kristen said...

AHHHHHHH FINALLY!!!! a post! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! And yes it might be a little of overactive imagination...or reality...who knows!