Monday, August 29, 2011

Testimony Time

Have you ever had one of those moments when your body requires water? Well, if you're human I'm sure you have!

So yesterday morning after I finished posting I plopped down on my bed and buried my face in my pillow. I was determined to sleep. But that was kind of hard to do so while suffocating ... can't breathe with a pillow pushed up your nose!  ;)

And that's when it hit me like a bomb ...
Did you know that around here when they eat pizza they put ketchup on top?
Equals = FACT #16

Fact #17
Around here when it rains all day (it can be just a light rain) the drains start overflowing and the streets flood.
You'd think with all the rain we get around here that they would invest in building better draining systems.

This was today on the way to church. I love rain, but not when I have to walk in it! FACT! But not a fact about Toluca, if not a fact about me! :D

Anyways, enough with the facts ... for now! ;)

Last night we had a good church service. My dad did something different though. Instead of preaching he brought a few people up to give their testimonies.

Bro. Armando gave his testimony (you can read it at:

Lupita gave her testimony (which can also be read at the link above).

And Bro. Gabriel (one of the ministers) also gave his testimony.

All of the testimonies touched my heart, but if I had to choose my favorite one it would have to be Bro. Gabriel's. The reason being that it brought back so many memories from when I was just a kid. I remember when he received the Holy Ghost. He is one of our original people. I had so many memories running through my mind that I actually started to cry. Haha! Kind of weird, but completely true.

If you all haven't figured it out by now. I cry very easily! And that's why I always cry over strange things/reasons. Of course, I wasn't the only one moved.

Good service. Good service. *nods head* "Affirmative."

Okay, so maybe the same thing will happen to me right now. I will try to go to sleep and I will only be able to think of "facts about Mexico."


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fifteen Facts

Special Edition:
Fifteen Facts About Toluca
Fact #1
In Toluca they ALWAYS set up tents in the middle of the road for parties (and most of the time there is no warning).

Fact #2
Almost every house in Toluca has bars on the window
(which is why I freak out because mine doesn't and someone could easily break in and kidnap me ... wait, why am I advertising that fact to the whole world?).  :D

Fact #3
A lot of people in Toluca steal electricity. I am not sure how they do that, but they do. (We have yet to pay electricity since we moved here! Hehe!)

Fact #4
There are enough dogs in Mexico to fill the entire state of Texas. (Okay, maybe that's a slight exageration, but you get the point).

Fact #5
People here like to paint their houses the oddest colors (I think we've already established that though).

Fact #6
Never, and I mean NEVER call anyone an Indian. For some strange reason that is a huge offense (I personally think that it's crazy. I mean, I have Indian blood in me and I'm proud of it ... Comanche!!).

Fact #7
In Mexico we have colonies. I guess I still don't understand that. But It really used to confuse me when we first moved here. I'd mail letters to my friends and it'd be like:
 Calle Zapatos Viejos #25
San Miguel de los Monos
Toluca, Mexico 356499

I mean, how weird does that look? It's rather confusing if you ask me. Must be why their mailing system stinks ...

Fact #8
House numbers don't seem to follow any rules here. Okay, I'm not sure this is a fact, per se, but it is something that I have noticed.
So, for example, the house down the road can be #67. And the house right next door is #836. And so on, so forth. It seems to me that they just randomly choose whatever number that they want and they stick that on the front of their house. It makes it very difficult to know how to find a place (once again, this is not really a fact, but around here in Toluca this is what I have seen).

Fact #9
There is absolutely NO wildlife in Toluca. The only birds you see are sparrows, black birds, and pidgeons. You might see the occasional hummingbird, or red-wing blackbird, but you never see animals (well, except the dogs and rats). So when they see a rabbit or squirrel they go crazy! And guess what?! That is what I do now too. When I see any type of furry animal I get all excited and point! Gosh, in Kentucky deer and other animals used to be plastered on the roads because there were so many of them.

Fact #10
The state of Mexico (Estado De Mexico) is the best state in Mexico. And by far the most beautiful!

Fact #11
If the skies are clear you can see the volcanoes in Puebla from the top of our volcano, Nevado de Toluca (Xinantecatl, which means either, The Naked Lord, or Lord of The CornStalks). Haha!

Fact #12
Toluca is famous for it's longanisa (It's a type of sausage. Chorizo and longaniza do taste different. Longanisa is way better). Might I say, "Yum!"

Fact #13
The temperature is usually in the 50's or 60's around here. It never goes above the low 80's. And when it actually gets in the 80's we are having a "heatwave."

Fact #14
Considering the statement above ... boots and winter clothes are pretty much a year round thing.

Fact #15
They do not have waterbugs here! I guess they stray from colder weather (because I am told that they live in Veracruz). Praise God for that!

Anyways, it has taken me all night to come up with these "facts." I know I have better ones in my brain somewhere, but I have lived here so long that it's hard to remember things that are not normal to Americans. Hehe.

Arg, I need to hit the sack. I just got up to finish this post because I could not sleep. It's too hot in my room (although it's only 55 degrees outside). And I am an insomniac. I think my problem is that I drink too much caffeine. It's all of the Dr. Pepper. It leaves me tossing and turning all night.

Anyways, I gotta try to sleep. And it'll be just my luck that my dad will come banging on my door in awhile for breakfast ... which we only seem to have on the days when I couldn't sleep. Man, I feel a grouchy mood coming on. Get out of my way, people!  :D

Peace out!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our "Website" Is Still In Use

Just so that you are all aware, we do still update our official church "website." It just never appears as updated, but it really has been. So if you would like to go read it you can click the following link:   (I also have it listed on the side of my blog: "Burden Ministries of Mexico").

Thank you!
Dacia Loa

Friday, August 26, 2011

Life-ish Stuff!

Today's news!
Equals = Nothing!

Special Edition:
How To Drive Parents Crazy
(It's still fun even when you are 20 years old)
Rule #1
Make very loud noises in the night!
Example: Hang some pictures up at two in the morning! The sledge hammer banging the nails into the wall is guaranteed to drive them BAZOOKA! (I made my parents mad last night doing this very thing. I had my headphones on though so I didn't realize how loud it was until my dad came banging on my door and my mum sent me a text telling me to STOP! By then I was already done though! I only had five pictures to hang up!)

Rule #2
Complain about washing the dishes even though it really hasn't bothered you since you were like sixteen. They should know by now that no matter how much you complain about it you will still do it! I mean, complaining is what "kids" do best!

Rule #3
Always argue with your sibling over insignificant stuff.
Example: You: "That tree was blue!" Brother: "No, it was red!" You: "IT WAS BLUE!" Brother: "WAS NOT!" And continue this until your parents tell you to shut your trap! Haha!

Anyways ... I just thought I'd share that with you ... 'cause I'm bored. Someone needs to email me or something sometime!

And here are some unrelated pictures.

This is what the weather has been like for the past ... five months.

My dog! He's still running! Haha!


Peace,  Love, and Sunshine!

Bad Dogs!

 I just thought I'd share a very sad picture with you.  :'(

The dogs caught a mouse outside. He wasn't dead when I took the picture. He was still breathing. Maybe he will recover ('cause my dad took him outside to dispose of him). The poor little mouse.
Well, at least say a prayer that he makes it to heaven! :D
Anyways, see ya!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Top Three Inspirations

Do you ever get that question, "Who inspires you?" Well, you know, I had never thought about it much before! But today I was sitting here thinking and I came up with three, um, inspirations!

No. 1. Winnie-the-Pooh.

Winnie-the-Pooh inspires me to exercise! "Up, down, and touch the ground." Who cares if he never actually loses weight!

No.2. Scooby-Doo

                                               Scooby-doo inspires me to fight evil! And to never give up no matter how scary things might get! "Ruh-roh!"

No. 3. Garfield.

Garfield is the best of all. You know why? Because he inspires me to sleep all day and only wake up to eat!  :D

I still read these books/comics (since I was a kid). I mean, Scooby-Doo will always accidentally catch the bad guy! And, well, Winnie-the-Pooh is always going to be that absent-minded, honey-loving bear. And Garfield will always be lazy and love lasagna. But I still love them! Hehe!  ;)

Okay, have a sense of humor, people. I may not always be posting about Toluca "news." But that's because I think my blog would become very monotonous if I did. It would always be the same old thing every day. I mean, a missionary's life is just like everyone else's life (wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face, eat something, go to church, go to sleep, etc. etc) ... it's just in a different country! So to write every single post about my everyday life would be just BORING!

So, yeah!

Complaint For The Day

So I have a complaint today! Our electricity is always going off. It goes off at least two times a day (and I mean every. single. day). And sometimes it stays off for a couple of hours. And the worse part of all is that it always goes out around the time when we have to get ready for church. Or what about when I am in the middle of blogging and BAM! there it goes! It's really frustrating!

Anyways, I just had to get that complaint off my chest! :D


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No Obligations

My dad decided to make this week a prayer and fasting week. So instead of our regular services we are having prayer all week. So my dad made this big speech about how dead the church is becoming and how we need revival. Everyone was saying "amen" (but did they mean it? or not?). And then he says, "But I am not making this an obligation. If you don't want to come this week you don't have to. But all of you who want revival be here and those of you who don't care ... don't come."

My reaction:

And that was about right. I took a picture tonight at prayer just to show you what happens when you tell people that they're not obligated to come.

Only about a quarter of the church showed up. Of course, there were a few people in the back who didn't make it into my picture, but still!! I mean, it makes you wonder about people ...

LOL! I am so showing the bad side of our people! Hahahaha! We really do have a good church. Really! I love our church! I think it's the best in the world. But, of course, I'm sure everyone feels that way about their church!


Promise From God

Something happened to me today that just really brought my spirit down. I got very discouraged. But as usual I picked up my Bible to read my daily reading. I began reading without really reading because I didn't really want to read it. I mean, when I am discouraged and feel like God doesn't care about me I don't want to read my Bible (but I still make myself do it). Well, as I lay here on my bed reading, a scripture jumped out at me. It said, "For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."
When I read that tears flooded my eyes and I began crying. I felt as if God was telling me, "You just watch and see. I have a plan for your life." And that was exactly the encouragement that I needed. Because sometimes I get so down. Sometimes (or most times) I don't want to live here in Mexico. And I feel trapped because even if I wanted to leave I have no where to go. No way to support my own self. I often feel hopeless. But I know that I just have to hang on because someday God is going to do something in my life. And I suppose that as a human being my flesh wants to rush everything and make it all happen now. But when it's not God's will, it's not His will. It's that pure and simple.

I don't know why I am writing about this on my blog, but maybe it will be a blessing to you.
Anyways, that's all I wanted to say.
Dacia Loa

P.S. I'm really starting to get into blogging! I just want to write every cotton-pickin' day!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Church Tonight

 Tonight we had an awesome service! At first it was a little ... dead. But it changed. We had two babies dedicated to the Lord tonight. My dad likes to do mass baby dedications instead of individual ones. I think it's so impersonal. Oh well. I'm sure my opinion was not asked for! ;)

And we also had a lady receive the Holy Ghost! Hallelujah!

And this is Lorenza! Her and her family have been coming for awhile now (they are from Ixtlahuaca). I am so excited to see that someone finally received the Holy Ghost! It's been awhile! 

I always feel a rather embarrassed when I have to say that once again no one received the Holy Ghost. But, I mean, you can't lie about it! I have got to always be 100% honest!  But I suppose it always just makes it that much more special when someone finally receives it! Thank God for moving in today's service! I'm looking forward to seeing what else He is going to do!


My Pets

I got a sudden urge to take pictures with my pets today.  It's rather sad how we used to have a mini zoo and now we only have three animals (but I sure don't miss cleaning up after all of them animals).

I went outside to ask Baxter to take a picture with me. But he wouldn't. He refused! So I got Bouncer to take one with me instead.

Me and Dumbo a.k.a. Bouncer.
I have never met a dog with such a dopey personality. One day I was outside petting him and he rolled over on his back. So I was petting him and next thing you know he gives me a big grin and starts laughing! I am being serious, people!!  :D

Jacob was outside bouncing his basketball. Baxter was chasing it! That is why he wouldn't be still to take a picture. ARG!

This is all he would do. Run. Why did I have to get such a rowdy dog? Why me, Lord? Why me?

Me n Chester ... isn't he adorable? I love him!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Day ...

We were out and about today and something happened that always happens. But this time I decided to take a picture of it! Study the picture below! This is so common here.
The light turns green and no one can move because the cross traffic is blocking the road!

Also ...

Earlier my mother and I were in our "storage room" which is full of a bunch of junk. Heaven knows where it all came from! So we decided to throw lots of stuff away and give stuff away. My dad always insists that people will be able to sell it. Anyways, we noticed something. There are like a million empty boxes in there. These are just a few that we decided to throw away!
But you know who keeps them? My dad! What's up with the box obessesion, dad?

Peace out!

Friday, August 19, 2011

One Down ...

Remember how I said that I was painting my furniture? Uh, well, I still am! I finally finished my dresser though! Now I just have four more pieces of furniture to go ... oh, why me?! JK! I actually really enjoy painting!

I have been so busy that I just barely got around to finishing it right now.
Here is when I first started ... I forgot to take a picture before I painted the top!

Half way done!


Doesn't it look cute? I was so proud of it that I had to take a minute to post about this at 2:00 a.m.  :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm So Behind ...


I must admit that when it comes to changing the background on my blog ... I get so lost sometimes. I have the hardest time trying to figure it out. I know, this is the new age of technology and junk. And after a few million mess-ups and a lot of reading I usually get the hang of it.

But, still, don't you ever get tired of your life being so "electronic?" I do. And I don't even do half of the things that some people do.

So let me rant for a minute (I have nothing better to do at the moment ... well, not really).

Rant #1. Don't you miss the days when you used to get actual letters in the mailbox, and not just some half-hearted email in your inbox? I miss the feel and smell of the crisp paper. I miss the sincerety. I mean, it only takes a few seconds to email someone. But to actually sit down and take time out of your busy day to write a real letter ... that means that you are really important to someone.

Sometimes I will sit down and go through my letter box that I keep. I will read all of the millions of letters that my best friend sent me. I read the old notes that my "boyfriends" used to give me (and laugh because they would say things like,"You smell like a rose, you're as pretty as a tree." Very romantic). And then I sit there and think about the days when receiving a letter in the mail was the highlight of my day. I would sit down in a hurry to open it up and read every single, beautiful word that was written.

Maybe someday sending real letters will come back into style. Maybe people will realize the beauty of it. And maybe men will realize how romantic it is. Because it means that you are really thinking about a person when you make the effort to write, and get up off your lazy bottom to buy a stamp and mail a letter. :D

 Rant #2. Don't you dislike how people can't seem to live without their phone nowadays? And don't you think it's very insulting when you are eating with someone or just trying to hold a conversation with them and all that person can do is sit there texting on their phone. You might as well tell the person you're with how boring they are and that the person that you are texting is way more interesting.

I am glad that I do not have a phone. I honestly don't care much for texting. And I sure wouldn't want the whole world texting me and then being annoyed that I didn't text back because I was busy. I mean, I have more important things to do. Talking face-to-face is better and  is something I always plan on doing without letting texts interrupt.

Technology may have it's benefits. I mean, it is certainly a blessing to be able to get ahold of someone in emergency situations and not have to gallop on a horse to a town that's about five miles away. And it's also nice to be able to call someone to tell them that someone passed away, instead of finding out the next time you made it back east to see your folks. But I feel as if it makes everything impersonal. Maybe I am the only person who feels like that. Maybe not.

One thing is certain though. Technology robs us of our precious time. I mean, look at me. I could be painting my furniture right (which is what I need to be doing). But I chose to sit down and blog about my love/hate for technology. *SOB* I am letting this blog take me away from other more important things! *Moaning* "Why me? Why me?! I am becoming the very thing I abhor! A technological maniac!"


Okay, so this post is not in reference to anyone. I just had a sudden urge to rant about how technology is ruining our lives (and I didn't even touch on how everyone is busy and always working because we all have to keep up with the Jones'. Who are the Jones' anyways? I have always wondered that).

Peace, Love, and Rainbows!


 The other night after choir practice we went to Mega (which is a big grocery store like Wal-Mart). My brother came up with the idea to make sopes. And so we bought everything to make them. And the surprising part was that Jacob even offered to make them! Not that he doesn't know how to cook (well, he mostly makes Ramen noodles), but ... he just won't usually do it for anyone except himself.

I was glad that he offered to cut the meat. I hate dealing with meat. It's so gross and doesn't even really taste good. I am totally going to be a vegetarian someday.

I crumbled the "doble crema" cheese! I say crumbled because all you have to do with that cheese is put it between your fingers and it just falls apart.

  My mum thought that I somehow weaseled my brother into doing all of this (cutting the meat, cooking, ect.). See, I always make deals with everyone in my family and they always end up getting the short end of the deal.  E.g. The other night my brother and I were hungry so we went downstairs to look for something to munch on. And we decided on Ramen noodles (We've grown up eating those cheap noodles). So I made a deal. I would pour us some soda if he would make the noodles. Hehe! I'm so evil. It's ironic really. I've always called my brother "weasel" (which always makes him mad) and yet I'm really the one who does the "weaseling." LOL! (Another example is a deal I made with my dad one time that if I would play a certain instrument for him in church that he would buy me a puppy. And yet another example is all the times, when we were younger, and it would be my turn to wash the dishes. I would sit there and moan about it until my dad would flip a coin to see whether Kris or I would wash them. Well, Kris has always had bad luck. So she always lost! I feel bad about it now that I'm older ...). 

The avocado.

 This is what they turned out looking like. We forgot the lettuce. I mean, we bought it we just forgot to use it! Oh well.


Well, that's all, folks!  
We are having our third choir practice tomorrow! Wish us luck ... or should I say, pray for us? HEHE!

Friday, August 12, 2011

What I Saw Today

We went out to eat today ('cause it is "family day"). We went to the mall in Metepec. And, look, P.F. Chang's is opening a restaurant there! Cool, huh?

We also went to the pet store where my brother was trying to convince my dad to let him have a ferret. See, they have some really HUGE ones in there. This one was passed out in the food bowl! What pigs! It's no wonder they are so humongous. I have tried to over feed mine so that he will grow big, but it hasn't worked so far.

*STRETCH* + *YAWN* = Satisfied, Lazy, Varmint!

Anyways, that's all I wanted to say.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Strange? I think so!

So I was reading something today and noticed something very strange. Some people say that they are Apostolic, not Pentecostal. And other people say they are Pentecostal, not Apostolic. So my question is: What is the difference? I have always called myself an/a Apostolic/Pentecostal/Christian. I usually just say whichever one comes to mind at the moment.

 I mean, I have often heard it said this way, "Apostolic in doctrine, Pentecostal in worship." That makes sense to me! Anyways, I just thought I would take a moment to blog about this while I am waiting for some paint to dry. I am painting my furniture, again. I will post some pictures of it if it turns out good. :D


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shocking x3

So here is the shocking boring news: We have officially started a "choir" at church. It's not big. Au contraire, it's very small. Three altos, three sopranos, and two tenors  (I personally think we need a third guy). So I chose a very simple song to learn. I said, "This is a test. If they can't stay in tune with this extremely easy song then ..." Well, they did okay. It was a bit off-key. But I think if we work at it some more that they will improve ... I hope. :D

Miguel usually plays the bass, but my brother wanted to play the bass. So Miguel was put on the guitar.

My dad on the electric guitar.

Levit played the drums.

And this is our "choir." And as usual I am not in any of the pictures because, well, I was the one taking the pictures! And, besides, I was leading them so I wouldn't be in the picture anyways!

I so so so so so hope that this works. It's always been one of my greatest desires to have a choir at our church. It's just really hard to find people who sing in tune around here. And that's not meant to be a rude remark, it's just the truth!  :)

Anyways, I gotta go!
Peace Out!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Los Perros Frescos

(If you have listened to every Adventures In Odyssey out there then you might get the title!)

Look what my brother bought me tonight! I collect these little plastic dogs, you see. (I sorta collect lots of goofy things).

He joined la familia!

Okay, that's all I wanted to share! Stay tuned for something that will shock your socks off ... maybe.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

And The Ghetto Dude Says:

And I drew this to go with the hamster picture! I think I just made my first cartoon!

"Get him! That Vermin's wrecking our future!"

And if I have to explain this to you ... then it's not funny! Well, to me it is! So I guess if I laughed then that's all that matters! Hehe!

Sorry, this is what I do sometimes when I am bored!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Say No!

  So I drew a little picture to go along with my last post!

FYI: That's supposed to be a hamster! I never claimed to be a great artist! :D