Sunday, August 21, 2011

Church Tonight

 Tonight we had an awesome service! At first it was a little ... dead. But it changed. We had two babies dedicated to the Lord tonight. My dad likes to do mass baby dedications instead of individual ones. I think it's so impersonal. Oh well. I'm sure my opinion was not asked for! ;)

And we also had a lady receive the Holy Ghost! Hallelujah!

And this is Lorenza! Her and her family have been coming for awhile now (they are from Ixtlahuaca). I am so excited to see that someone finally received the Holy Ghost! It's been awhile! 

I always feel a rather embarrassed when I have to say that once again no one received the Holy Ghost. But, I mean, you can't lie about it! I have got to always be 100% honest!  But I suppose it always just makes it that much more special when someone finally receives it! Thank God for moving in today's service! I'm looking forward to seeing what else He is going to do!


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